The Goods

26th November 2007

Holy crap, you guys like to shop. Etsy doesn’t let you see the stuff that’s already been sold, so I thought I’d post some photos of the goods gone by. Some of this stuff is still available, however. Today’s new items are the Bisque dolls from Japan and the toy car ornaments.

Also, there’s an excellent Stocking Stuffer Guide up at Mighty Junior. Go have a look.

9 thoughts on “The Goods

  1. Tammy

    I would happily buy any and all of these items, but I’m in the midst of the AT home cure, too, and my “outbox” (aka my hallway) is starting to scare me. I think they should run an extended-duration version of the cure for those of us with babies and small kids. Eight weeks? Not enough time.

  2. Em

    Click the 12 Items Sold to see all the past things you sold. I think you can only see it from the main page.

    I love those little bisque ladies. So cute!

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