No Place Like Home

8th November 2007

Uterus Onesie, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

These Uterus “Souvenir” Onesies are inexplicable. Besides which, they make me feel like there should be a disturbing slogan beneath.

“Uterus is for lovers!”
“I’d rather be in Utero!”

21 thoughts on “No Place Like Home

  1. Tina

    OMG! That is so effing funny. I am SO getting one for my niece, who is currently in utero. It will absolutely gross my sister out. I love it!

  2. superblondgirl

    Oh my god! Penis finger puppets!!! Why, why, why are those not yet invented??
    Maybe we should upload that to Google maps and let people stick their pin dots on to show where they spent their 9 months.

  3. Ms. Karen

    ummmmm…. I…. no…. I don’t think…. well, maybe with the “I was here” pin (sticker might be more comfortable… but… hmmmm.

    Penis finger puppet?! See, this just proves I’m way too immature to hang with the cool kids at Maggie’s place.

  4. steph

    heheh. With all this talk about penis finger puppets, I’ll bet if you Google penis finger puppet, you’re going to get Mighty Girl. Excellent. PENIS FINGER PUPPET! ROFL!

  5. wen

    perhaps it’s to let the general public know the wearer (who, let’s face it, may be bald and quite androgynous at this stage) is female? kind of like putting a picture of green beans on the can…here’s what’s inside?

    okay, can’t believe i went there.


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