Weekend Plans?

6th November 2007

I’m doing a presentation at the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library* IUPUI University Library Auditorium (755 W. Michigan Street) on Sunday! I’ve never been to Indianapolis, so I have a good buzz of curious anticipation going.

If you live anywhere near there, please come. There’s a reception afterward where I’ll be signing books, and drinking tea, and possibly feeling slightly bewildered (the way these things can sometimes make you feel). At that time, it would be so lovely for you to say, “Hi Maggie, I’m [your name here].” And then I’ll say, “Nice to meet you!” And then we can make faces at the baby.

See you there!

*Oops! The library is co-sponsoring the event, the university is hosting.

31 thoughts on “Weekend Plans?

  1. Maya

    I would completely go…maybe I’ll have to change my plans! Hope you enjoy your time here in Indy. You’ll have to head to Mass Ave. for some good food and galleries.

  2. Sarah

    I’m so there! I just found out about your appearance last night at the library actually. And, how helpful to have this event during NaBloPoMo, eh?

  3. Nilsa S.

    I’ve been to Indy a few times. One of those times was to run a 1/2 marathon many years ago. It utterly shocked me when they began the race (with thousands and thousands of runners) with a prayer. Never in my racing history had I started a race with a group prayer. Not offensive or strange or anything other than different. Good luck with your presentation this weekend. If I wasn’t shopping for wedding venues, I’d make the trip from Chicago!

  4. Rachellake

    I’m always away at school when cool things happen in Indy! I’ve lived there for 7 years but go to college in NC; the city is really nice this time of year.

    I would definitely recommend you check out the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), they just finished renovations last year and it’s really nice, and the Canal Walk at White River State Park is beautiful and family friendly.

  5. beautiful mess

    what?!? you’re gonna be THAT close to my house? i’m gonna do my absolute best to make it there . . . and i was just thinking that i needed to pick up No One Cares What You Had For Lunch to help me make it through NaBloPoMo.

    and while you’re in Indy, you’ve gotta make it to Bazbeaux Pizza on Mass Ave. for the best pizza ever. try the Basilica, a glorious slice of pesto, feta, sundried tomatoes, & olives.

  6. Melody

    A friend of mine follows your blog from NC and she sent me your URL cuz I live in Indianapolis. I am going to try to make it to the IMCPL to meet you :)

  7. Shawndra

    I wish I could come!! Indy’s Spirit and Place Festival rocks, and to have you on the roster is so amazing. But I have another commitment that afternoon, sadly.

  8. grudge girl

    Ooh. Addendum. The link states that the presentation is taking place at the IUPUI University Library. Where I teach! Well, not in the library, of course, but at the school. I guess it’s orchestrated by the IMCPL?

  9. Milly

    Hi Maggie! I used to live in Indy and watched as the new library was being built. Would you be so kind as to take some photos of the library building inside and out and post on your blog? I am curious to see how it turned out.

    Thanks, and good luck with the book signing!

  10. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    Hmm… Indianapolis is so much closer to me than San Francisco, but it’s still a six hour drive. Let me know if you want to come to Pittsburgh; I have an in at the Carnegie Library. (It was the first free, public library in the country!)

  11. Imanitsud

    Hey! Welcome! A hardy “hear, hear” in support of the IMA (right now they have a Roman artifact exhibition on loan from the Lourve) and I suggest Cafe Patachou if you can find it. I’d love to come and meet you, (I live in Westfield and work in Westfield) but my son’s 4th birthday party is that day. If you want to find some nice greenspace in the city, check out Holliday Park at 64th and Springmill. I so wish I could come hear you!

  12. grudge girl

    If you’re ever back in town when Hank is older, the Children’s Museum is awesome.

    Massachusetts Ave, and Broad Ripple (find the Broad Ripple Brew Pub, Big Hat Books, and Girly Chic Boutique) are the best areas to stroll and pop in various places for great food and browsing.

    Fountain Square is fun in the evening for vintage 50s duckpin bowling (You would love taking photos of the two themed alleys and decor. Total time capsule.), and, if you’re kidless, swing dancing on Saturdays.

    There’s also a fun-to-explore, two-story, old warehouse called Midland Arts and Antiques right downtown. Great for hanging with the kids. Very twisty and turny, stuffed to the gills, and warm on cold fall days. Seriously so much to see, with lots of potential souvenirs! (I don’t work there, though that would be rad.)

    There’s more to Indy than sports!

  13. Sara

    Oh Maggie. I spent the best and most innocent years of my life, learning about the world and it’s wonders in Indianapolis. It is the best Big Little city in the world. I will spare you the suggestions on where to go and what to eat, as it seems that most of the ones I would mention are already listed above (okay, I can resist…the old point tavern on Mass has the best Chili in the world…it’s HOTT!). All I can say is that you should definitely take a walk to take in the city. It is a great place and has lots of beautiful things to offer. Also, if you are in need of a stiff drink and some entertainment at the end of the day, my BFF Kate can hook you up with an amazing drink at the bar in the main floor of the Conrad Hotel The Vitesse). Do give her a big hug for me. She is the top of my list for best human beings to know in the whole wide world. And she will even sing for you! XOXO

  14. Carrie

    You really should check out City Cafe (443 N Pennsylvania St) for brunch on Saturday morning. FABULOUS menu and they love babies!!

  15. Josh Goldburg

    I am sure your “Book” will sell handsomely at a library…In retrospect, last time I was at a NY library I had to pay a serious randsom for a book I kidnapped. Please, you can use my idea…tell everyone at your town hall meeting your books were kidnapped and are being held ransom at the library. You can charge an “EXTRA” cost to set them free. Please use this idea…

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