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10th November 2007

My presentation is tomorrow, and then we’re headed to Detroit for a few days.

Best thing we’ve seen here so far? A girl in her car using the cigarette lighter to plug in her hair crimper. Not nearly enough hair crimping going on in parking garages these days.

Weekend Plans?

6th November 2007

I’m doing a presentation at the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library* IUPUI University Library Auditorium (755 W. Michigan Street) on Sunday! I’ve never been to Indianapolis, so I have a good buzz of curious anticipation going.

If you live anywhere near there, please come. There’s a reception afterward where I’ll be signing books, and drinking tea, and possibly feeling slightly bewildered (the way these things can sometimes make you feel). At that time, it would be so lovely for you to say, “Hi Maggie, I’m [your name here].” And then I’ll say, “Nice to meet you!” And then we can make faces at the baby.

See you there!

*Oops! The library is co-sponsoring the event, the university is hosting.