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  1. Evolving

    Yea! for the Holiday gift guide! Now I can drool myself dry on all the stuff I can’t afford (and promptly click over to the budget guide where I might actually buy some gifts!)

  2. melissa

    Speaking of the Giga Ball….I splurged and bought the big GigaBall (which is 84″ tall, and from Target.com)… its permanently installed in my basement. My 5 year old uses it as a jumper, my 13 year old lounges in it. Great thing.

    Love your gift guides! Thank you!!

  3. Moogie

    The Giga Ball looks awesome but I’m drooling over the Neptune Watch. Perhaps I should send my husband the link. I love this gift guide!

  4. Jamie

    I bought the Giga Ball off of Amazon for my niece this summer – potentially the most hilarious children’s toy EVER. Especially fun when someone else is shooting the Giga occupant with the garden hose.

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