27 thoughts on “The Daiy Council

  1. samantha

    that would weird me out… i expect my yogi tea to have a little saying on the bag, but i’m not sure i’m ready for advice from sour cream…. although i guess it makes you think.

  2. Sarah Brown

    I think more foods should adopt a fortune cookie-like stance. Or at least give me some factoids, Snapple-style. I like a little something to read while I chew.

  3. Terry

    One of the oddest fortune cookie-like fortunes appears on the removeable wing-tabs on Always Overnight Pads “Have a Happy Period”.
    How exactly does one have a happy period??!!
    I just did not expect to read a cheerful message on a sanitary napkin.
    Love your blog! And to all the other ladies, Have a happy period.

  4. leslie

    Splenda packets have them too, but they’re a little pushier, like if fortune cookies drank too much plum wine: “Have you shared your Splenda today?!?!”

  5. Evolving

    That leaves me with a very Jim Jarmush ending sort of feeling. Particularly: “Hmmmm. Okay.”

    Also, I used Mighty Goods AND Mighty Junior this week to bestow my sister and newest niece with goodies. HOORAY for Maggie!

  6. heatherfeather

    Hmm… Mine was nearly the same. It said “The best way to receive a hug is to give one.”

    I just wadded it up and chucked it before I did-did-did-did a dollop.

  7. QofD

    Nothing really, but I find that most people don’t want to hug someone that looks like a direct descendant of a race of sasquatches.

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