31 thoughts on “Hank 6-7 Months Old

  1. superblondgirl

    Adorable – those cheeks are definitely made for pinching. I especially love the one where he’s throwing the cereal (maybe cereal?) and the ones in the bright sun – something about babies in the sun brings to mind the Sparklehorse song, Babies on the Sun and my own (rather sunny-in-retrospect) childhood.

  2. Carol Snider

    OK, that’s just mean to post such adorable pictures of such an adorable baby when I’m too old to have another and my kids aren’t prepared to make me a grandma yet. Mean, mean, mean!! :-)


  3. Lisa

    Love those photos! He is a doll! I can’t believe he has two teeth, wow. My almost 8 month old grandson still doesn’t have any teeth!

  4. crzylady

    when he’s ready to start flirting i’ve got an adorable daughter he might like to meet. she also comes with a dowry of lovely antiques furniture and linens ; p

  5. Kristie

    I love thise age! My little man is 8 months old and I could just eat him up too.

    And I can’t belive it, I have a genius too.

    He’s just precious. Truly.

  6. Sara

    He is one of the cutest, most handsome little guys that I have ever seen. Seriously! You’re really making me think about talking to hubby about having one soon.

    By the way, your tub, do you like it? I just bought the same one for my cousin who is due next month.

  7. Flubberwinkle

    Adorable little guy!

    Isn’t it funny how children slowly morph from precious, tender lumps of baby to pinchable, smoochable little people that you can’t get enough of?

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