18 thoughts on “Weekend Away

  1. Tammy

    Aww… that looks like a fun weekend. And it reminds me that I need to upload a gazillion photos from my camera. Also, I need new crayons.

  2. MarkDM

    That’s interesting, luke. To me, Heather looks in these photos exactly like she sounds in her post: “I’m with some of my favorite people, I should be having fun, I wish I was having fun, but I’m really not.”

    Or maybe I just think that because I read dooce first.

  3. Cristen

    I think the photo of Leta hugging her mom is the best photo of all time. It’s such a happy smile. I bet they put it on their wall.

  4. Lisa

    As disappointed as Heather may be in herself, and in Leta’s traveling abilities, the photos you shared still let us see beyond the circumstance. Mommies love their babies no matter what..and the photos of Heather and Leta are very precious.

  5. kim at allconsuming

    I read Heather’s post a little while ago and it struck such a chord with me. That feeling of being … disappointed. In myself.

    Then I came over here. Just for my little taste of a way groovy couple with a gorgeous child and for some Mighty Girl spunk and saw these images.

    What they capture is so precious. And while the mechanics of it were truly suckful, the emotions that existed and were experienced are just gold. Pure gold.

  6. Lara

    Gorgeous photos. Amazing how big Hank is getting (looks so cute in the first photo of page 2). Love the “crowns” in the third photo of page 3 and the last photo in the series (Leta and her eyelashes) is breathtaking. It looks like fun was had, in spite of the circumstances. Even looks as if Leta was enjoying herself.

  7. Mariam

    Beautiful photos of two adorable kids. I haven’t seen photos of Hank for awhile; he’s getting so big! He really is beautiful and he always looks so cheerful.

  8. sue

    I, too, read Heather’s post then came and saw all the beautiful pictures. Pictures speak louder than words… such love and sweetness comes through.

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