Wardrobe Remix

31st August 2007

I’ve been sucked in by the Wardrobe Remix tag on Flickr. It’s not so much people’s outfits, it’s what they’re doing in the photos that makes me extra happy.

Ariel has a signature pose.
-This awesome gothy, rockabilly girl sometimes uses props, like birdcages and trees.
-The kids, they get saucy.
-The girls like to show you their poofy skirts.
-And there are dozens of people you might like to know.

16 thoughts on “Wardrobe Remix

  1. superblondgirl

    The whole wardrobe remix is so cool – I wish I had such funk and style! I used to but I lost it (I think it got thrown away with the placenta or something).

  2. Ariel

    Wardrobe Remix is more than just a tag — it’s a group! http://www.flickr.com/groups/wardrobe_remix/

    What I love extra much about it is that the founder makes it clear that no negative self-talk is allowed: “be nice to yourself! no negative stuff like, ‘oh i look like crap today, my hair sucks and my tummy looks fat, but here i am anyway,’ please! let’s be nice to ourselves…if you don’t like yourself or the photo, then why post it? post ONLY what you LOVE.”

  3. Maven

    Dude! Thanks for linking my goods! WR really is a righteous place and I encourage everyone to get to posting, though I must warn you that if you get involved you will probably find yourself suddenly wearing lots of belts.

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  5. heather

    Maggie Mason, you’re the best. I LOVE this function. And I totally copied you and linked to it on my site. Thanks eternal for the inspiration!

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