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Maternity Wardrobe Options

27th January 2010


I’ve had lots of requests for a maternity Mighty Closet, but no willing pregnant friends so far. Fortunately Gabrielle Blair, one of the Alt Summit organizers, just posted her five favorite maternity outfits on Design Mom, so she did the work for me. Have a look at Gabby’s closet, and if you’re looking for more inspiration, head over to the Wardrobe Remix maternity pool.

Wardrobe Remix

31st August 2007

I’ve been sucked in by the Wardrobe Remix tag on Flickr. It’s not so much people’s outfits, it’s what they’re doing in the photos that makes me extra happy.

Ariel has a signature pose.
-This awesome gothy, rockabilly girl sometimes uses props, like birdcages and trees.
-The kids, they get saucy.
-The girls like to show you their poofy skirts.
-And there are dozens of people you might like to know.