Falling in Love


On my wedding day, I was blindsided by jitters. After my flower girl freaked about all those strangers watching her, I realized they’d be watching me too. Monitoring me, really. Attentive to my every motion, examining each fleeting facial expression, taking bets on whether I’d fall on my face and tangle myself in a profusion of tulle.*

My stage fright was so extreme that it was not eased by the bottle of champagne in the bridal suite. One of my bridesmaids finally sent for the groom’s bourbon. Two shots later, I was unattractively flushed and on my way to get hitched.

A few weeks ago, Liv had a similar case of stage fright on her wedding day. Sara and I entered Liv’s hotel room to find her pale and still, listening to a recording of the wedding recessional. Sara gasped and plugged in a Johnny Cash CD, while I arranged for room service to supply us with Maker’s on the rocks. Twenty minutes later, Liv was upbeat and ready to wed.

Incidentally, Biz and Liv eloped, which meant I got to make a wedding bouquet (this is getting to be a hobby for me). I’d never seen Liv’s dress, so I made her two bouquets, and she chose. Oddly, the one that incorporated weeds I’d picked last-minute from nearby fields looked awesome with her ensemble.

I’m in favor of any wedding where I get to be in a hot tub an hour before the ceremony. The wedding was so laid back and fun that I’ve decided everyone should elope from now on. I’ll make your bouquet.

*My fears in this area were not unfounded — falling dramatically at weddings is a personal tradition. I’ve fallen while descending church stairs in my bridesmaid’s gown, I’ve fallen while jitterbugging with the bride’s sister during our attendant’s dance, and I’ve been dropped on my head by drunken, dancing uncles too many times to count (drunk people like to dip). I did eventually take a nosedive on the dance floor at my own wedding, but I made it down the aisle just fine.

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  1. Only the fact that I was walking on the arm of the most awesome groomsman ever saved me from taking a header down the stairs at a wedding I was in last fall. (and I love the bouquet she used- lysanthus is my favorite flower)


  2. you can make my bouquet. i’m getting married august 11. i’ll be sure to look for it in the mail.


  3. That looks like it was a pretty gorgeous elopement – her dress is beautiful, and the flowers, too. I went barefoot at my wedding and had no aisle, so I saved myself from certain falling. Then again, we also had a wedding feast of hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream cake, and it was the 4th of July, so an aisle wouldn’t have worked so well even if I managed not to fall.


  4. First, you create gorgous bouquets. Second, I am probably the least graceful human being so I had a very valid fear of biffing it as I walked down the “aisle” (slate pathway to the ceremony sight by Lake Champlain). Plus, I hate having people watch me so I was even more freaked out. My dad had a shoulder injury and being the joker that he is told me that if I trip, he can’t do anything and I would be “going down”. Fortunately, I made it in one piece!


  5. Where did you get that hat that your adorable boy is wearing in that last picture in the last set? I have looked and looked for a pattern for one just like it, without any success.


  6. I love that arrangement too – lovely!

    My wedding was in my mother-in-law’s back yard, in Houston in April, and it was a misty, muggy day. As I walked out the back door onto the wooden deck I slipped, teetered very precariously, then somehow righted myself. I still remember the collective gasp and then the sigh of relief from all of the guests!


  7. I, too, fell during a wedding. I was 15 and a candle lighter in my cousin’s green satin celebration. With open flame, I tumbled down the five altar stairs and landed face down in the aisle. Close to 20 years later, my cousin still insists on pulling out her wedding video at family events and repeatedly showing the clip. Unfortunately, this is not my life’s most embarrassing moment.


  8. My sister caught her heel in a hole on the stage at her wedding. Luckily enough, her groom was right there to grab her and keep her upright. I believe that everyone cheered!

    It is a beautiful bouquet!


  9. I’ve been meaning to tell you, I freaking LOVE the jackass hipster dad series. The title to the last photo of Bryan and Hank is genius. 🙂


  10. You do lead a stylish, charmed life- or you find the fun in everything- or you’ve simply surrounded yourself with fabulous, loving people. Or all of the above.

    Gorgeous flowers!

    And- I have a number of bad bridesmaid experiences. My favorite was the header I took down a newly polished flight of steps that the bride forced us to descend. I had an icepack on my leg minutes before the wedding. Not a pretty sight.

    But the worst was my own wedding. Lovely man- we should never have been married and are not any more. I should have known by the near-fainting DAY-long anxiety attack I had on my wedding day. Now it’s a great story: from the little Italian aunts foisting saltines on me in the bathroom while I was having dry heaves to trying very hard to appear as if I were having the time of my life. [My sisters: “Stop waving! You’re not on a float!”]

    Ah well- live and learn.


  11. I’m a professional florist, and I can tell you that you have a knack for design (have you studied?). The bouquet she chose is fantastic. Like the bouttenir, too.

    It’s funny you mention weeds because I’m sort of famous for grabbing stuff out of my yard or fields. I’m entering a weeds-only design in a floral design competition this October to show people that good design can be made from just about anything.

    Since you probably can’t offer your hot tub/elopement/bridal bouquet services to brides in the Portland area, feel free to send them my way.


  12. My aisle is actually an elaborate staircase…I can’t walk in heels…I can barely walk in flats. I am wearing 5 inch heels down this staircase. Ha ha ha this should be fun. Why do I let people talk me into things?


  13. Oh my. The flowers are exquisite – I love the weeds one and the little lapel number for the groom. Her dress was also divine and you can sense the fun just from the shots. Hank is edible and you should wear that colour often!


  14. That’s the sweetest wedding Bossy has ever seen – and the way it should be. When did weddings become more like coronations?


  15. I just recently went to a wedding, where I had to usher my mom down the aisle. I’m totally blind, so I never really have to worry about bunches of people looking at me even though I know it’s happening. I kind of like being in the spotlight.

    It’s always surprised me how sad they usually are in some ways, everybody was crying as the bride entered the sanctuary. She was the first of my five sisters to have an actual wedding, so I believe it may have had something to do with that.


  16. I’ll never forget a wedding of a dear friend that I was a groomsman for. As we walked out of the ceremony the bridesmaid who I was escorting down the aisle stumbled.

    As she was tiny I was able to catch her, but in order to do so I had to kind of swing her around. It looked a bit like a dance move so we caught flack all night long about having tried to upstage the bride and groom.


  17. Got married in a lovely two story b&b to an even lovlier man who is an entire foot taller than me. Decided to calm my nerves, and the panic at the sight of my ‘aisle’ (a full flight of Victorian -steep- stairs) by wearing isotoner slippers. No point in trying to match his height, right?

    Except, on the day of the wedding, I forgot that the stairs actually went more like this:
    two stairs — landing — full flight of stairs

    And I fell down the two, toppling over onto the landing and out of sight on the video. In the background you can hear said lovely man saying to the guests who could no longer hear me “She fell, go figure”.

    In the rest of the descent down the stairs on the video, you can see me with a white-knuckled grip on the banister, and a pagent-queen smile plastered to my face!


  18. My editor lost her four front teeth falling down the granite steps at a church as the maid of honor. Now she can’t bite directly into sandwiches.

    Maybe attendants should carry canes, not bouquets.


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