46 thoughts on “Seven Enjoyable San Francisco Baby Names

  1. cybele

    My dog is named Beckett.

    My roommate in college (far NorCal) had a daughter named Juniper. I thought it was a lovely name.

  2. Robin

    Dude! Ix-nay on the talking about the rad name oren-Say! My son Soren is six and I love that we meet so few other Sorens.

  3. Pascha

    One of my friends is pregnant with her first, and going to name her Oona. But we live in Minneapolis, not San Francisco.

  4. jan

    Juniper may be a lovely name, but as an ex-pat San Franciscan now living in Bend, Oregon (juniper central), I can tell you that junipers make you sneeze, sneeze, sneeze even if you’ve never had another allergy in your life.

  5. Alyce

    Esme makes me think of A Series of Unfortunate Events, which of course was referring to Salinger.

    A very literate place, that San Francisco.

  6. Lori

    I also know a Soren in the Bay Area, but I doubt it’s the same one you know. Interesting to see it popping up more than once (three times, according to a prior commenter :). Lovely name.

  7. Cior

    OMG, I know Oona. I met her at a party over at Robin and Holly’s house — and I keep running into her around the city. What a bright/fun girl.

  8. Candice

    Fantastic names, I don’t know a single person (baby or otherwise) with any of those names here in Maine…the only Soren I know is “Soren Lorenson” from the Charlie and Lola books :)

  9. Hillary

    I love Esme but my hubby would NEVER go for it.

    He is pretty solid on Lincoln for a boy though–YAY

  10. Amethyst

    We’re having a boy in November and being that he is our third we’re a little in trouble for finding names we can both agree on. My husband is Biblical in his leanings and I am…um historical(?) in mine. The only thing we can remotely agree on is Benjamin, and we keep trying to trump one another for the most outrageous middle, although for his part his submissions are all completely a joke to him. I truly love the name Trevelyan.

  11. Leann I Am


    My daughter’s cheer squad has dozens of ‘Emilys’ and ‘Baileys’ and ‘Breeanas.’

    Frankly, I could stand to see some more variety myself!

  12. aimee

    Desmond is the name of one of Declan’s teachers. Although his name is actually Sir Desmond. But I don’t really care seeing as he is an awesome teacher and I named my kid Declan which most people in this country appear to never have heard of in their lives either.

  13. candy

    as someone with a relatively unusual name (candace) i can tell you that i hated it when i was a kid but now i love having a name you don’t hear often. one thing your child WILL have to get used to is spelling their name every. single. time. it’s as if my name is “candace, c, a, n, d, a, c, e” because that’s how i most often have to say it.

  14. Candice

    I’m a Candice too and my name might as well be “Candice, with an I. No, not a K. C-A-N-D-I-C-E. No, not with an A. Well, yes, an A at first, but not at the end. No, an I. Yes, liked canned ice rather than canned ass. Oh, no, please. I would rather you didn’t call me Candy.”

    However, that really has nothing to do with anything. All those names on your list are shiny and lovely. I’m especially fond of Juniper and Esme.

  15. Stacey

    Oona makes me giggle because it is the name of my ancient Norwegian great aunt.

    But honestly, Melville? Even if that name was NOT associated with the writer of that blasted way-too-long story I just read (Billy Budd), it would STILL be an awful name.

    Desmond? Tutu.

    Juniper. That’s cute. Makes me think of Bath & Body Works, though.

  16. ML

    I love all the names. I’m challenged right now for “B” names for a girl. I was thinking Bailey but seeing that it’s so popular will have to keep reviewing other options. My full name(Madonnalisa) is unusual but had some backlash growing up in Catholic school when “Like a Virgin” came out. Totally need to do a focus group at the baby shower for names ;o)

  17. Hillary

    I know a Declan. He is 8 months old….I had never heard his name before and now it is growing on me big time and I hear it a lot now too. Funny how that works.

  18. Jen

    For Amythest who wants a name that is both Biblical and historical: Try Isaac. We liked it because we had just read a Neal Stephenson novel featuring Newton and we also liked that Isaac is from the Bible. And it means “laughter.”

  19. Erin

    I’ve loved the name Oona for years, mainly because I love Oona O’Neill Chaplin so much, but I’m glad to hear people are using it again. Esme is lovely as well.

  20. sara

    Lawton is one of my favorite streets in the city :) But names? I was named for a Bob Dylan song, and my parents are want a grandchild named for Levon Helms. But I love Avi.

  21. kt

    Oona, or Una, is a fairly common Irish name. Not odd at all, at least in among women in their 50s and 60s.

  22. Stine

    Soren is probably the English version of Søren, right? In that case it is a Danish name, meaning “serious”, and the first name of over 43 000 Danish men and boys. ;o)

  23. Kate

    Declan is a great Irish name.

    When I was little, I only ever knew one me, and then I went to a Catholic highschool, where there were a million mes, and now I am sure to have a zillion squillion mes in every class I teach. Can we please make Kathleen go out of style again?

    I love that there is a strong pull for old fashioned names for children. I seem to meet a lot of anklebiters called Amelia and other such, and Esme is lovley! I recently also met a Solve, sister to a Soren.

    Noone in the US seems to agree with me that the Scottish name Morag is okay for a girl though… Alas!

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