15 thoughts on “Amsterdam Photos

  1. zan

    Great pictures. Amsterdam is place you visit and think: “I could totally live here.” Especially after discovering that great little cafe around the corner, filled with locals smiling over brunch and newspapers.

  2. Weeze

    I went to Amsterdam for the first time last fall. Went again this May. Am going again in September. I can’t really afford it, but I’ve done plenty in the name of love I couldn’t afford. I have never seen a place so devoted to the art of living beautifully, in both appearance and action.

    On a practical note, would you mind sharing the name of the company you used for your canal tour? It’s a far step up from the service I used last time.

  3. Weeze

    Thanks, Bryan! If I do persuade my husband to come with me on this next trip, maybe we’ll find something to celebrate with a boat trip.

  4. happy little atom

    Oooh! I love this. I’m leaving for Amsterdam in a few weeks and don’t know if I’m coming back. Seems like a great place to write that second novel and batch ‘o kid’s books. Is it just me or is everyone insanely happy there?

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