9 thoughts on “Construction

  1. Jay

    I would say the odds are equally proportionate to the level of drunkenness; i.e., if you go to bed super-mega drunk, jackhammers are virtually guaranteed.

  2. Irish Goddess

    The odds are strongly in your favor. And if you aren’t so lucky as to be woken by the jackhammers, instead you will be woken by high-pitched screaming from a seven year old girl. At least jackhammers have that soothing, repetitive sound.

  3. BOSSY

    A kazillian bazillian to one. “One” being drunk-ass you and “kazillian bazillian” being the kilowatt of hammerage.

  4. merrymishaps

    Ooh, that happened to us after the first night of vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica! They decided they must jackhammer-out the sidewalk right outside our first-floor room at 7 a.m.

    Random early-morning maintenance continued for the rest of the week. Even though nothing else beat the jackhammers, we were always serenaded while the happy workers sang a soundtrack to cement-pouring/etc. and shouted to one another, oblivious to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and the fact that our windows were slatted …

  5. Eric

    I had that exactly happen the last time I got drunk (which thankfully was about 3 years ago). Went to a friends wedding, had a few too many and ended up passing out in the backseat of my non drinking friends car. Woke up the next day with a guy working on the street right next to me, jackhammer in hand and a big smile on his face after seeing the way I looked. So, it’s still very uncommon but it does happen.

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