10 thoughts on “Poker Weekend

  1. BOSSY

    While you were busy having tons of fun in apparently *sweaters*, Bossy was eating luke-warm cerviche while sitting on the hot asphalt street. Block Parties: Bossy’s favorite conduit for food poisoning.

  2. PK

    Hank in the little orange hat, peeking out of the carrier, is just about the greatest thing ever. Too cute!

  3. Elise

    Are all your friends that good-looking or do you just take pictures of the pretty ones?

  4. Renee

    I love the photos you post. You capture an essence in your photography that brings them to life. I am often a silent reader on your blogs. I have a secret awe about Californians (shhhh don’t tell anybody *smile*) and I you have a way with words that I have not seen with anybody else. Thank you.

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