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  1. amy

    It looks like you’ve just finished bitch-slapping someone, and then got all up in their face to declare, “boo-yah.” See how “hip” I am, kids?
    Was it Heather? Is she looking for her teeth on the ground?

  2. sarah

    just found your site via dooce. love that baby. he does look just like you. (not really an informed comment, as it is the first I have seen of either of you.) my first son is a Henry. Yours is cuter. Maybe because mine is ten and rolls his eyes at me. but. really. what’s up with the commenter?…. tell me….not a frequent visitor, right? recently, while surfing a developing world aid site, I was abruptly dumped into a violent (really, I am no prude. this was awful) porn site. Just like that comment. as Melanie said, HOLY SHIT. I am going to ignore that (FREAKY) ickiness and stick with….beautiful, beautiful baby! congratulations! (mostly for being out and about and fabulous so soon after having him!)

  3. sarah

    now I feel stupid. Just realized that you and Might Goods are one and the same. Love that site. And, again. Sorry about that weird shit that just creeped under your door.

  4. Dawn

    I think #8 should tell us what s/he really feels and not be so tactiturn…

    But! Beautiful baby.

    And excellent photo. All us Masons tend to dance… interestingly…

  5. BOSSY

    Bossy is having a fun time trying to guess what song you’re dancing to. Fun as hot pokers of jealousy administered to the backs of her eyes.

  6. corley

    Aggressive? I recall a story in which you thought you had been busted taking phtots in the candy shop and quietly snuck off when you realized that someone else was being reprimanded.

    What is with all of the lists in 8?
    “The Holocaust was foreshadowing, yet another example of the Jews sacrificing to help the disfavored::::
    1. 1492 exodus from Spain. Spain became evil – financed Columbus, initiated missionaries, USA (dumping ground of disfavored victimized by god), etc.
    2. Spread throughout Europe as clue to Christians worshipping a false god.
    3. “Quasi-Holocaust claim” contradicting boss.
    4. 5. 6. 7. etc. etc. etc.”

    The “etc.” are a direct quote, too!

  7. Meegan

    I don’t understand all the references to comment #8. But I’m puzzled by comment #21. Huh? You frighten me.

  8. John Jones

    A new interpretation of “post partum” perhaps? Brooke Shields should be so ballsy.

    PS Hank is absolutely adorable. Almost as cute as The Avon World Sales Leader.

  9. Jenn

    Please tell me you took advantage of the opportunity and slapped dooce’s heiney.

    P.S. You look freakin’ fabulous. Be as “agressive” as you want.

  10. Kandice

    I am supremely jealous of the fabulous girls night happening in the photo.

    And as for the 20 pounds of baby weight, it took you 9 months to put it on, give yourself 9 months (or more) to take it off. Of course, I’m still trying to take the balance of my baby weight off and my “baby” is 2 1/2.

  11. melanie

    I think that “9 months up, 9 months down” bullshit about baby weight is … um, bullshit. It took me 20 months!

    Enjoy your extra fluff. This will be the only time in your life you’ll have an excuse.

    (And I take it that the original comment #8 was deleted?)

  12. SmartAs

    Now that Joe Francis is behind bars, yall must have decided to pick up the slack.

    Mom’s Gone Wild – They leave the babies with the daddies and hit the town, paint it red, and slap it around.

    Just don’t get arrested for being too aggressive.

    Word up!

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