14 thoughts on “Boggle Wars

  1. Laura

    …a descriptive. *snork*

    …like what the doctor gives you when an adjective will clear up that little rash you’ve been having. :)

  2. Angie

    Hi Maggie – thank you for your book – it’s genius. Why I chose #48 as my first run at it, I’m not sure, but thanks for giving me the courage to share with the Internet the first of a long line of embarrassing moments in my life -it’s liberating!

  3. planetheidi

    Rewatched Episode 3 (the real first SW movie) and throughout Ben Kenobi uses Darth like it’s his first name. Obviously this is before GL retconned the series into the mess it is. But based on Ep3, I’d vote with Jeff.

  4. Meredith

    Your boggle wars seem much more tame compared to the ones I had growing up playing with my mother.

    Boggle is how i learned the “C” word.

    you know.. the BAD one. Is THAT in the dictionary?

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