Mr. President

2nd November 2006

Bryan helped organize a Yes on Prop 87 Rally yesterday, so I got shake President Clinton’s hand. Listening to him speak makes me long for a president who seems smarter than the rest of us.

Which isn’t to say that our current president is stupid. He just thinks we are.

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  1. Kate

    I heard President Clinton speak in Little Rock over the summer–he was the keynote speaker for the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies annual conference. He left a roomful of skeptical, liberal media people feeling inspired.

  2. Lily

    No, he might really be stupid as well. The difference in listening to each of them speak is stunning.

  3. Trasi

    Okay, I will 100% grant you that Clinton is intelligent. His discretion leaves a TON to be desired, and his integrity as well, given how he dealt with the questions after the Lewinsky incident. But even given all that, he still beats the CRAP out of His Smug Bastardness, Mr. Bush. And I think you’re being a bit kind – about him not BEING stupid. Let’s talk about Strategery. Don’t have a word in the 35K+ already in the English language? Make one up! Or, even better, get one of those bullshit randomizers (I’ve seen em for making up marketing names and coming up with new street/subdivision names, but I’m sure there is one for political bullshit too). Strategery sounds like some cobbled-together something or other one of those things would spew out. Niiiiice.

  4. Elle Kasey

    Word!Can you imagine what the other world leaders think when they talk with him??? I’d rather they thought our guy was a bit randy than a bit dumber than a post.

  5. ksh

    seejanemom, are you for real? I’m a feminist who voted for Clinton twice. I’d vote for him again, given the opportunity.

    And go Prop 87!

  6. Rhonda

    Personally, I think GWB IS stupid. His grammar gives me nightmares. Shouldn’t you at least be a good public speaker in order to run a country? Geesh.

    I was at a luncheon featuring Helen Thomas today…so now my opinion of him is even worse than it was this morning. :)

  7. Joe

    W is the definitive example of a Doofus.

    Remember this quote…. “You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.”


  8. MontanaJen

    I’m a feminist.

    I’m a Democrat.

    I’d totally do Bill Clinton if he asked me. My husband is aware. In fact, he has a bit of a crush on Hillary.

    He’s charismatic, smart, charming, and got a blow job under the desk in the oval office. Good on ya’, Bill.

  9. bobbarama

    Bush in the White House and Ahnold in the Republic of California. Apparently, English isn’t a requirement to run a state or a nation. Just sayin’

  10. Luisa

    Mmm, the Clinton handshake. I got one of those ones, and a pat on the shoulder, at a book party a few years ago. It was amazing just to watch him work a room.

  11. kristin

    When I think about Bush getting elected twice, I can’t help but reflect on Bill Maher’s statement (that fits in so may scenarios)
    “The brilliance of our marketing, combined with the stupidity of our people, is the real Axis of Evil”.

    And, I think that blow jobs got nothin on shitty foreign policy.

  12. Bob

    I too long for a president whose intellegence I can recognize, much less respect. whatever you think of Clinton’s history with women, he was a rhodes scholar and it shows every time he opens his mouth. he could speak extemporaniously about any topic during his press conferences and provide a coherent argument to support his policy decisions. Bush can hardly speak a sentence or two without botching a word and if it isn’t something he’s said a dozen times before it comes out with ums & ers and stutters. it’s embarrasing that the leader of our country can’t express himself worth a damn.

  13. angela

    I saw GWB speak before he announced his presidential exploratory committee. He’s light-years better today than in 1998 when he was absolutely painful to watch. He didn’t punctuate his sentences with um & ers, but rather jutted his head forward and stuck out his tongue repeatedly. He looked like snapping turtle coming out of his shell to catch a mosquito.

    He’s poised and polished now compared to where he was in 1998, god help us all.

  14. David Mills

    Clinton and Bush are part of a continuum. By accepting Clinton’s appalling personal behaviour, Democrats lowered the bar for the presidency to a level where even Bush II could climb aboard.

    You Democrats have to kick the Clinton habit. He isn’t coming back. He didn’t leave an election-winning legacy (how many votes and states did he lose for Gore)? And his behaviour towards women should place him well beyond the pale for Democrats of any gender. Read Christopher Hitchens on this.

    Furthermore, if you choose Hillary to run in 08, prepare for four more years (at least) in the wilderness, at least as far as the White House goes.

  15. Imanitsud

    Seejanemom: feminists like Clinton b/c they separate his personal behavior (ludicrous) from his political policy, (which works in their favor) and feminists aren’t stupid. And really, it wasn’t the bj in the Oval Office that offended me, it was the finger-wagging at the camera that offended me (and still does). I would argue that the biggest mistake of the Clinton presidency was allowing/inviting Starr in. Anyway, regarding Hillary, Mr. Mills: shame on you. That sounds like a threat. You think she’ll lead us into the wilderness, or you think the Repub’s will get even dirtier and more shameless than they already are just to prevent her from getting there? I’m not sure what I think about her running (I like her, just not sure polarity is a good thing right now, and I have real problems with the same family running the country over and over) but I think Anna Quindlen made an excellent point about her in the latest Newsweek. Go read it, Democrats, and take it to heart and don’t let people like Mr. Mills frighten you!

  16. Caroline

    We had it so good with Clinton. Anyone who puts his Oval Office indiscretions on par with the havoc that our current president has wrought is completely irresponsible and blind. Were his extracurricular activities regrettable? Yes. Were they a little embarrassing to have splashed all over the world media? Sure. But who did he really hurt? His family — nobody else. Nobody died. We had a huge budget surplus. Our foreign policy was in much better shape. There was attention being paid to the environment. Big oil and the conservative Christian church didn’t have death grips on the left and right testicles of Uncle Sam. We had it damn good. I would vote for Bill Clinton again in a second. I will vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee in ’08, but I’m hoping for Barack Obama.

  17. Rebecca

    Marital infidelity is not equivalent to treating “women like meat”. Pardon my feminist sensibilities if I don’t take you, seejanemom, up on your offer of a one-way ticket to Hyperbole Town.

  18. JewJewBee

    I have to agree with a lot of other people’s comments… Bill Clinton was an awesome president. Being a bad husband does not change that fact. Bush is an idiot who would not be able to hold a leadership job in a major corporation, so why did we elect him in to office?!? Oh! That’s right… We didn’t.

  19. megan

    I was never interested in what a politician did in his/her personal life.

    Looking at Clinton and Bush, the contrast is clear. I hate hearing anyone try to cater to the lowest common demoninator. I miss feeling inspired and hopeful.

    I would have loved to shake his hand.

  20. seejanemom

    I love Mighty Girl and have for better than the last year. She is a brilliant wit in the blogosphere.I don’t mind her politics because talent is talent, regardless of its slant.

    As for the rest of you hangers-on—perhaps when you kids grow up and have school aged children of your own, you will understand how leading the Free World is more about keeping those children safe than how cool it would be to think of hanging out in the Oval Office giving a blow job to a hick from Arkansas.

  21. David Mills

    I’m not trying to frighten anyone. The prospect of another Presidential election defeat should be enough to frighten any Democrat. Hillary is a divisive figure. How many Republicans/Independents will vote for her? Against an Independent-friendly Republican, she’ll surely lose.

    Of course, Clinton was a better President than GWB – it would be pretty hard not to be. My point was that his personal indiscretions made it even more difficult for Gore – and worshipping the Clinton name isn’t a substitute for a strategy that will deliver the White House for the Democrats.

    FYI, I’m British, on the centre-left, if anything. I covered the last two elections for a UK TV show, visite America regularly and follow US elections fairly closely.

    To quote James Baker, I don’t have a dog in this fight – it’s just that the Democrats need to shake off the ‘Clinton hangover’, just as the British Labour Party will have to get over Tony Blair and move on pretty sharpish once he departs. Fortunately, Labour’s Gordon Brown seems better placed to do that than Al Gore was back in 2000.

    This is a great blog, by the way!

  22. Kate

    seejanemom, if I were to lose one of my brothers in Iraq, I would never, ever forgive Bush for wasting his life in a war built on deliberate misinformation.

    Keep those children safe? Sorry, but Lewinsky was over eighteen old woman and could make choices.

    Keep our sons and brothers and siseters safe? Sorry, but if White House interns need protecting then so do 18 year old Marines.

    Keep Iraqi and Afghan children safe? Are you KIDDING me? Please, tell me you are kidding me. The number of civilians who have and will die in the Insurgency is too big and will only get bigger. I don’t give a good go&67amn if Hussein was a very bad ruler, you will not sell this war to me on the grounds of Keeping The World Safe For Little Children.

    They aren’t. And the way things are going, they won’t be. And I could have told you that in 2003. Those children will grow up to raise their own children in an unstable and unsafe country.

    Bill Clinton helped bring about The Good Friday Areement in N. Ireland, something that been 30 years and thousands of deaths (including children) in the waiting. I’ll chalk that one up as “keeping the world safe for freedom and democracy.”

  23. Amy

    Trasi (comment #6)–There are many valid reasons to criticize, and make fun of, President Bush, i.m.h.o. But wasn’t the adjective “strategery” invented by Saturday Night Live, in a skit where Will Farrell played Bush? It sounds like something Bush could have said, but I don’t know that he really did.

  24. Jess

    Totally agree with Caroline… Obama is amazing, and probably our best hope to get us out of this mess. I’m crossing my fingers. Run, Barack, run!!!

  25. seejanemom

    #28, Kate. I know that Miss Maggie’s stoop is not the forum for political discourse, but you left no link, so perhaps she will indulge me this one LAST time.

    Please understand that the children I was referring to were not INTERNS! DUH. They were the children that you might have someday. The child Maggie carries right now. The ones who will depend on you for their personal safety on the subway in New York, at a park or in school (BESLAN ring a bell?).

    As for the “children” Marines. They don’t need or want your “protection”. They signed on the line themselves after all and to follow your logic, are “over eighteen and can make choices”. They are professionals. Which brings me to the next point.

    And as for your brother dying in Iraq–there is no draft, Kate. He will not be asked to fight so much as a grease fire by this Government. We ARE THERE, like it or not. And no one hates war more than the man asked to fight it. My beloved husband (WITH THREE TOURS IN IRAQ UNDER HIS BELT) would hate to see us pull out and forsake the 2,800 who were lost in the fight to keep terrorism out of your local Starbucks. I HAVE EATEN IN CAFES IN ISREAL—you have no IDEA the meaning of the term “fast food” until you sit down there. Is that what you want?

    Study a history book, Kate and you will find that it did not start the day that you were born. 408,000 Americans died in our small part of World War II. Another 670,000 were injured. We fight so surgically these days, you and I have no concept of real war casulaties. I dont’t want to be in a war like this, but we are and for good reasons. Reasons that are rarely understood by the average American, but widely debated…and thankfully, I might add, not in German.

    If you wish to opine about this war in the future, I would encourage you to comment at my site. If you slam me here, I will simply view you as [[Editor’s note: No name calling in the comments, please.]] who declined my sincere invitation because you are afraid of intelligent discourse. As is my courtesy, you WILL NOT BE CENSORED OR DELETED for differing opinions, but I feel the gestating Miss Maggie has hosted this row long enough. Thank you Ms. Mason for your kind indulgence. Maggie has more things on her mind than to moderate politics between two screaming women.

    While she may not appear hard at work, on a cellular level, she’s really quite busy. :)

  26. latenac

    I have a child and feel that she is less safe with W in the White House than Bill Clinton or just about anyone else but Dick Cheney. Seejanesmom, Iraq is not really part of the war on terror. Well it didn’t start that way but now it is thanks to us. It’s one thing to fight for something you believe in that’s justified it’s quite another to fight for a lie. See Vietnam, see Iraq.

    Word on Clinton’s eloquence and ability to work a room.

    I hear Jimmy Carter on NPR this weekend and noted his eloquence and then began to wonder how Southerners feel about W representing them. I know he claims to be from TX and he does that folksy thing. But with Clinton and Carter you have two eloquent southerners who can really speak. They have southern accents but they don’t act like they know nothing. But I’m just a yankee.

  27. Maggie Post author

    I do wish Iraq had never happened, and I think it has increased the pool of terrorists and potential terrorists who threaten us, our children, and people who stand with us.

    Still, who among us isn’t glad that Saddam is out of power and that he’ll pay for the people he’s slaughtered? Would that we had the resources to remove from power anyone who engages in ethnic cleansing, simply because it’s the right thing to do. And though I don’t know what the United States has gained from this war, and I worry about the cost for our children, vanquishing Saddam for the future of the Iraqi people is reason enough for our servicemen and women to be proud of the sacrifices they’ve made.

    And three tours, Seejanemom? That’s some serious sacrifice indeed. I don’t know if your husband is home yet, but he and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  28. celeste

    *so* glad to see that seejanemom is reading. (and posting, it gives me an insight to the thought process of someone who believes the mainstream media is in anyway not completely controlled by the rightwing greedy corporate giants)
    when we read information posted, there is always the possibility that we can at some time start to absorb some of that information and minds can change and grow.
    my prayers continue for that.

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