If you thought the men’s bathroom at Blogher was empty, you should see the women’s bathroom at the Future of Web Aps conference.

8 thoughts on “Observation

  1. I went to the Carson Summit Future of Web Apps in London in February. There were 800 attendees of which less than 20 were women (I was able to count 19 women from where I sat). Not a single woman speaking, although Gillian Carson was a founder and leader of the event but did not speak.

    I went to SXSWi this year and there were lines for the ladies room and plenty of women speakers.

    Did not attend @Media, just dropped by to say hi. At least one woman speaker (Verle Pieters), I don’t know how many attending.

    Did attend and speak at BlogHer. Lots of women attending, lots of women speaking.

    I went to d.Construct this last Friday in Brighton, UK, no women speakers, but at least 30 women to 350 attendees. Numbers were better than February, but not great. d.Construct organizers recognized this and plan on courting/attracting more women next year.

    Spoke on Sat. night to a fellow organizing a conference in North America in Feb. Speaker list 95% confirmed, no room for my pitch, no women speaking. Organizer surprized to hear that there were women developers who would be available…

    I have spent all week since thinking on this and being frustrated.


  2. hey, my husband’s at that conference! If you see a tall, skinny geeky guy, um, tell him I said hello. Which means you’d have to say hello to all of them. But if you see a *public broadcasting* tech geek, you know, um, flag him down.


  3. Ms Jen! I was at Future of web apps in London, at @media and at d.Construct (I won buzzword bingo). We should get together sometime and gripe, or count women together. I’m afraid you will not be able to get me to do a talk, however, since I’m not a developer by any stretch of the imagination.


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