17 thoughts on “More Fun With Spam Subject Headers

  1. Mau

    Subject: Outraged diamond.

    And after a bunch of non-sense on the body of the email, it closes it with:

    The renegades had little food and little rest. Could it be that there were tears in those cold blue eyes?


    BTW, Maggie! I just got a fun package on the mail! A signed book from Maggie Mason. =)

    Thank you so much!

  2. r@d@r

    i’m not sure why – it’s beyond my grasp of technology – the TrackMeNot plug-in for Firefox displays a continuous stream of two-word found poems: ‘farming cans’. ‘documentations downloading’. ‘compos blasts’. ‘kahunas wonky’. etc.

  3. Wacky Mommy

    Yeah, I’m positive no one would be interested in what I had for lunch, but I most definitely am interested in reviewing your book. Please send me an e when you have a chance, would you?

  4. Blake

    “Sluggish trout” sounds like a male disorder.

    Is “Menstruate aptitude” some kind of…test? What is the pass/fail??

    “Kidney bean polygamist”? Somehow me thinks it originates somewhere in Arizona.

  5. CartwheelsAtMidnight

    “Photo Opportunity Missle”. It’s the new Kodak WMD…


    “Better Future Whipping Snapping”. Kinky! Sign me up!

    Could you please forward me the “Menstrual Accountant”? My calendar’s all messed up.

  6. craig

    George Crouch wonders:
    “I hope this is the right email gadfly”

    Miami Lakes ominously observes:
    “Freaking Warhead Roams Streets”

    Jessica Norton wishes you the best:
    “Keep it splashy”

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