7 thoughts on “My Very First Podcast

  1. Mau

    It’s was cool, however, it was hard to hear the participants.

    I liked the ‘I don’t blog every day, but I make sure I give good content every time I do’

    I think it is one of the hardest things on keeping a blog.

  2. sarah

    Really interesting! I liked the part about finding your voice as a blogger and either having people really really love you or really really hate you. Very interesting insights from some pros! Now I have a zillion more things to be anxious about when I post on my blog!!

  3. ann

    hi, i didnt see an email address on your site so i am commenting – hoping you will read this. i am trying to send your book to my sister but i dont know how that works in paypal. i added her address in but it is not letting me select it to as a shipping adress. anyhoo. email me!

  4. Polichick

    Am I being a total dolt, or is there no option to download the podcast? I see how to play it, but would prefer to save it and listen to it later. May I do that?

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