Robbing You Kind

31st August 2006

While we were away, someone stole the radio out of our car. The thief gingerly picked the door lock with a bobby pin, nudged out the radio, unplugged it (leaving no damage to the dash), and then re-locked the doors before leaving.

You know you’ve been in the city too long when you feel grateful to the person who robbed you.

47 thoughts on “Robbing You Kind

  1. Kay

    Ha! I know what you mean! When I owned a VW Rabbit in the 80’s I had the radio stolen 7 times (I installed progressively cheaper radios). I was always happy when a professional stole the radio, because, like your car, they did not destroy the dashboard, or window, they just took the radio and left the wires hanging.

  2. Kadie

    You know what gets me? The guilt _I_ felt when I had to make an insurance claim when our car had been robbed. What’s _that_ about? Sorry someone stole my stuff?

  3. Belinda

    That is just so sad! But great that they didn’t tear the heck out of your car to get the radio…I guess? Wow. What a whirlwind of emotions all at once!

    I am waiting anxiously for your book, and have it embedded in my sidebar. I do still occasionly post about my lunch, but only when fried pickles are involved. Breakfast, however: all bets are OFF.

  4. 6degrees

    I would totally concur with you. I leave my doors unlocked, since I had my CD player stolen a few years back. Unfortunately, they completely shattered the window, and the after-rain mildewy funk which remained thereafter was a very unpleasant reminder of the injustice…

    They didn’t jack the Ghia, did they? The mere thought of someone else touching that baby is disservice enough!

    BTW, I noticed you got spammed on your last entry, either that or you have a huge following from the tourette’s community…

  5. Joe

    I used to have a yellow 71 Ghia convertible and would leave the doors unlocked. Too bad the guys who broke into mine didn’t check the doors before they decided to fillet the top.

    BTW, we all know that you’re not upset about the radio but really pissed about having to replace the Quiet Riot cd. Good job hiding the pain Maggie. Keep living the lie~! :)

  6. ExGirlScout

    I got assaulted and robbed in my own apartment back in 1992. After some other nastiness I will skip over, since this is a family blog, dude asked where my wallet was, I told him, and then found out after the whole thing was over that he declined to take the lonely fiver that was in there. Oh, and when my purse got stolen a few years before, when the police found it the next day, the thief had thoughtfully left me one cigarette behind in the previously half-full pack.

  7. Amber

    So much more considerate than shattering a window to steal a $30 discman and leaving you with a $300 repair bill. (Ten years later and I’m still bitter.) I would be rather touched too, if the thief took that much tender care.

  8. Maggie Post author

    It wasn’t the Ghia, or I would have still felt violated. It was the used Jeep which we purchased immediately upon finding out about Baby Mason. The Ghia doesn’t even have shoulder belts, so I’m banned for a while.

  9. Jill

    Wow… that is a considerate thief. My car stereo was stole about a year and a half ago, while the car was broken down at the shop and the thief threw rocks through several several windows before hastily ripping the cheap 1996 CD player from the dash.

  10. Mau

    I used to live in Mexico City… now THAT city is nasty!

    Back in 1997, I got mugged at gun point, while waiting for a green light at 10pm… wallet, coins I had in my pockets (freakin’ losers), my cellphone, my watch (my dad gave it to me 4 years before), and I toootally thought they were going for the car… But no… I remained in the car… frozen by the damn gun.

    A year before, same car, they gracefully stole the grille. Yanked it from the front of the car causing me to pay for a new grille (doh! of course) and for some body repair because they messed up the supports of the grille.

    But with the first incident, I think that whatever they do to the car… I don’t give a damn, as long as I am not IN the car.

    However, I feel for you Maggie… I would go ballistic if they stole my stereo.

    No, I don’t live in Mexico City anymore… I live a safer life in a southern Mpls. Minnesoootah suburb. =)

  11. Jessie

    That’s pretty funny (not ha ha funny of course) and so unexpected that a thief would be so otherwise considerate of your things. It’s the little things that really matter, isn’t it?

  12. el

    A bobby pin?
    Who robbed you? Alice from the Brady Bunch?
    Perhaps it was the small ivory toothpick from a Swiss Army knife smuggled in the mouth of an escaped convict. That makes a much better story.

  13. elayne

    Long-ago friend had his car stolen on a Thursday night. It was returned a few days later (Monday morning I think) with a full tank of gas, freshly washed and vacuumed, with a note saying “Sorry but it was really important.” Never did find out what that was all about.

    I told him he’d better report it to the cops anyway, so they can check it for bloodstains.

  14. Ms. Jen

    I am in the last month (wahoo) of a 12 month educational adventure in Ireland and have my car parked in my brother’s driveway in So. Calif. When I came home for a week for Blogher, I found my keys & car stereo face plate in the box I left them in and got in my car to meet friends to drive up to the Bay Area, when I noticed a large hole where the stereo used to be.

    I drove back into the driveway, went up to the house and asked my brother where the stereo was. He came and looked at the hole in the dashboard and said that it was missing when I dropped the car off last September. It had been in the car last year, and at Christmas, but now it is gone. I was amazed that it was locked since Christmas and he did not notice that someone broke in and stole the stereo…

  15. Phc

    You should be grateful. When I was 41 weeks pregnant (may you never see that day), someone broke into my car and took THE ENTIRE FRONT DASH. It ended up costing over $4,000 to fix (thank god for insurance). All for a $100 Best Buy stereo.

    It got broken into AGAIN a week after we got it back. I cannot tell you how tempted I am to just leave a note on the window that says: If you really need the hundred bucks, come see me. The inconvience isn’t worth it.

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