1st August 2006

Blogher knocked me flat. I have been asleep for thirty of the last forty-eight hours. If I’d been allowed to drink, I probably would have slipped into a coma.

This year’s Blogher was a lot like SxSW, but with better shoes and a shameful dearth of free booze. Also, an inhumanly long line for the bathroom between sessions. This is how I discovered that the public men’s rooms were blissfully empty, with stall after stall of sparkly clean toilets.

The overabundance of hip moms made me feel smug. There wasn’t a pair of sweatpants or an unpedicured toe for miles. And if you find yourself “calling Ralph on the big white phone” in the bathroom of a greasy spoon, no one will make you feel more dignified than five other women who’ve been through the morning sickness routine.

My panel went better than I ever could have expected, thanks to an amazing group of speakers who really knew their stuff. Again, many thanks to Marnie MacLean, Gayla Trail, Andrea Scher, and Pim Techamuanvivit. I’ll post a podcast as soon as it’s up.

17 thoughts on “Blogher

  1. Caroline

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I have to say, I’ve totally gotten over the “going in the men’s room” thing. In fact, I’ve gotten confirmation from several guys that they think it’s charming, gutsy and cool when we invade their space, even if they’re currently using it. I’ve gotten confirmation that a confident “Excuse me, boys” basically gives you the keys to the castle. Often, the stalls are largely unused, and surprisingly clean. I say use the men’s room.

  2. G

    If you’re ever at the Ferry Building, use the men’s bathroom! And then get that evil SB cake from Miette as a treat!


  3. Keagansmom

    I recently discovered your blog thru Dooce’s mentions. Where have you been all my life? Congrats on both of your projects and please keep up the great writing.
    PS: you really are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. Are you a redhead, like me? if you are, dontcha love it?

  4. Scott

    Tip from the guys: The stalls are usually only clean if there are urinals. Otherwise, it can look/smell like a HoneyBucket at a fair.

  5. gwendomama

    Oh Dear Maggie! Welcome to the mommyblogosphere! I am so very sorry not to have met you at BlogHer – I was the mommy with the very unmanicured toes and the cleavage-ful sundress that was starting to turn in the sun (sniff- what is that sour milk smell? oh.) occasionally pushing a flirting baby in a red stroller and occasionally exposing my breasts (for him, really) and once in a while paying great attention to my peeps.
    Rock on babe, and keep it up with the watermelon. My babes were all made up of at least 60% watermelon.

  6. Marnie

    I really had a great time. I can’t think of a better moderator. If you were suffering from morning sickness you sure hid it well.
    Thanks so much for having me as a part of your group panel.

  7. Mau

    I am not supposed to talk about this (yet), but I understand how tired you may be feeling… My wife has been feeling very very tired. =)

  8. Ani

    Your panel was one of the many highlights of BlogHer. Great speakers, stellar moderator, and “head up and follow the dollar signs” is my new mantra.

  9. anonymous disgruntled person

    Smug? Don’t you just always feel smug, with your little CAR and your lovely CLOTHES and all? You’re like that woman in the Sylvia cartoons, The Woman Who Does Everything More Beautifully Than You.
    I mean this in the nicest possible way, but I hope that baby makes you totally frazzled. And fat.

  10. anonymous disgruntled person

    Okay, I apologize. That was mean.
    I know you must be a very nice and imperfect person in real life. Really, congratulations and best of luck.

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