The Hits Just Keep on Coming

28th July 2006

I have a bowl of ice cream, but find myself still hungry. I go into the kitchen to see what else I feel like. I’m searching through the fridge, looking for something tasty. Hmmm. Ooooo! Pickles!

I am halfway through the jar of pickles before I realize what I’m doing. Ice cream and pickles? Seriously? Do I count as a walking cliche if I don’t actually use the ice cream as a dip for the pickles?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we’re having a baby. A little, tiny baby, which will be far cuter and will smell even better than all other babies available on the market today.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately? Things have been going just great.

533 thoughts on “The Hits Just Keep on Coming

  1. Bertha

    Wow!! Super big congratulations Maggie & Bryan! I’m 14 weeks along with my first as well, so I get doubly excited for everyone else’s baby news! Hooray!

  2. steph

    OMG! How great! Maybe you’ll have a baby Mighty Girl! :D I heard it’s sort of bad luck to say congrats before there’s an actual baby in hand (rather than in utero), but I am thinking it….

  3. paul

    Fantastic! I wish you good health and easy going. As a father of a 28 yr old Mac-addict daughter and a 23 yr old religious-historian son I can safely say you have no idea what is in store for you; just like me and my bride.
    Babies are small people! I talked to both of mine from the moment we met as if they understood everything I was saying and included them in everything. I could go on.
    But more about you, please?

  4. r@d@r

    you get to dress them up like cute little dolls and stuff! of course, you’ll never sleep again. also, their hygeinic habits are nothing short of barbaric. i literally caught mine licking the bathroom floor the other day.

    once you get over the small inconveniences however, you’ll find that things you used to think were fabulous, like television and going out to bars for instance, are far less interesting. you’ll also notice spots in your house you haven’t dusted in five or six years, and you’ll tell yourself you’re going to dust it as soon as the baby goes to sleep…any minute now…

  5. Cherry

    You’re family does seem to make some pretty cute babies! But I’ve had the honor of smelling one of them, good luck on that!

    Months ago you noted in a post something about thinking about babies, and I asked Liz, “Is Maggie preggers?” And now the wonderful news. Congratulations!

  6. jami

    Aww, babies! They’re so much fun. Congratulations!! Hope things go very smoothly for you!!

  7. Nate

    “I guess what I’m trying to say is, we’re having a baby. A little, tiny baby, which will be far cuter and will smell even better than all other babies available on the market today.”

    My compliments! That’s a much better choice than the huge, giagantic, ugly and smelly models. I got one of those on a business trip to Dallas once – can’t recommend them.

  8. donna

    Zippy and happy congratulations on your justified sweet-and-savory cravings. May this whole runup to the Big Day be smooth sailing. You have scads of people who are mighty happy for you and your guy… and that includes me!

  9. Amy

    Fantastic! You are in for one of the best years of your lives. My baby is almost 3 months old; pregnancy, birth, and a newborn were all amazing.

  10. ElJay

    I’m trying to convince all my friends who are having babies to do time-lapse offspring projects. A once-a-week picture in the same outfit (like white t-shirt and jeans, which they’ll probably always have) for the first 18 years of life. Then you can stick them together and see your child grow!

  11. Chrissie

    Might I suggest a photo journal of your pregnancy?!? My hubby took one picture a week from week 8 to week 38 (delivered 2 weeks early), and it was amazing to see the difference a week could make!

    Also, I went through 2 jars of pickles in 3 days when I didn’t yet know I was pregnant… When we found out later that week, my husband was like, “Oh! Pickles!” Apparently, the craving is real!

  12. Chrissie

    I almost forgot… Make sure you sign up at — they have tons of articles, lots o fbulletin boards, and will even send you weekly e-mails telling you what is going on with your baby… It’s so fascinating! Congrats…

  13. ku nkiko

    I’m sitting her slack-jawed. I don’t think I could be any more shocked at that news if you had hit me over the head with it with a 2×4.

    What I mean is CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Joe

    Exciting news. You’re in for a lot of fun. We have a girl who is almost 3 and enjoyed her so much we ordered a brother who is due in December. “Collect Them All~!”

  15. maybeknott

    I have a feeling you’re going to be a really cute mama. Stock up on light-weight “baby-doll” type dresses while they’re in season. They’re much cheaper, and more fashionable, than maternity stuff.

  16. Maggie

    How exciting! Congratulations to you and Bryan–babies are one of the only things I’ve ever found that can always make a bad day good and a good day better. (Although, no matter how cute your baby is, it will never measure up to my brand-new nephew!) Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a quick delivery!

  17. Kate

    That’s fabulous news! A Mighty Baby on the way!

    Speaking of, read Bringing Up Ben & Birdy if you haven’t already. I love her and I don’t even have kids. :)

  18. Jana

    Yay! Congratulations. I just had my first five weeks ago. She’s awesome. Babies are awesome!

  19. Amy Muller

    Yay! Now I can put off my own babymaking for #2 even longer and live vicariously through you. Hurray for me. :)

    Seriously, so excited for you guys. Many, many congrats. xoxo

  20. Kelsey

    Oooh! Congratulations!

    And if you’re looking for a name, you can just, er, look up a bit :]

  21. jon

    Congrats (as if you haven’t heard that before!)
    And, Steph, it’s not that it’s bad luck to say “Congrats”… Dave Barry has noted that it is *insane* to suggest to a woman that she might even remotely be pregnant unless you actually see her in the process of delivery!

  22. arielle

    also delurking to wish you, mighty man and the upcoming mighty baby a hearty congratulations!

  23. Tammy

    When I was pregnant, I never got tired of receiving people’s good wishes, so I’ll add mine to the mix. Congratulations! I loved being pregnant, and I love being a mom even more.

    I won’t give you any advice other than to pass along the one thing I’ve learned so far: if every other parent has the same opinion about something, they’re probably all right.

    Oh, and if your guy is technically oriented and, well, a guy, the only baby book he’ll probably want to read is The Baby Owner’s Manual. Every geek dad I know (including my partner) has loved it.

  24. Sumana

    Best of luck! Now you have a reason to play for hours on the Baby Name Wizard NameVoyager.

  25. ThePseudoshrink

    Oooooh, a baby? A baby! A baby! A baby! Congratulations!!! A mommy blog in the making?

  26. Amandelin

    Congrats! I am “due” on Tuesday. TUESDAY! Here’s to hoping your pregnancy is smooth and beautiful and enjoyable (unlike mine)!!

  27. dd

    I’m so happy for you! Congratulations! I hope you have as many good things happen as you can stand :)

  28. capacious

    Having children is like traveling to a foreign country – you never see your world the same again. My kids taught us more about love and rage and patience and joy than I ever thought I could know. Life is amazing. Congratulations.

  29. Jenn Bo

    Congratulations to both of you. Mighty Baby is in for a treat! Of all the internet people I… um… read (can’t say know), you will be some mighty cool parents. =)

  30. Schmoopy

    Okay, don’t take this the wrong way but I was wondering if you were pregnant at BlogHer. During your panel I kept noticing an oh-so-adorable bump and was wondering if it was the bump of a baby or just a Madonna belly circa her “Lucky Star” era. Congratulations!

  31. K

    Ack! what happened to my silly smilie icon!?

    well, what I wrote was this:
    “How utterly (udderly [insert surprised smilie face here]) fantstic! Congratulations to you both (three!)”

    Well anyway, congrats to you and Bryan. That’s just fantastic!

  32. MeL

    At this very moment, a tiny little shopper is growing in your belly. If your bean only had access to the internet, he/she would totally be surfing for a tasteful canvas print to hang in your uterus and perfectly coordinate with the placenta.

    Congratulations!!! Immediately begin stockpiling the watermelon and spanish olives. And ginger ale. LOTS of ginger ale.

  33. Fatemeh

    Maggie – It had been a couple weeks since I’d visited, and when I saw you at BlogHer yesterday, in that cute black dress…

    …well, I kinda thought maybe. But you know, you don’t want to ask and all that.


  34. Kelly

    Hee! awesome! I need to get pregnant so no one will think it’s weird that I like pickles and ice cream. Breyer’s, right!

    Name the baby Rocky (road), Dulce (de leche), or go the Ben and Jerry route–anyway, enjoy and congrats!

  35. meghann

    that is wonderful news!!! Enjoy these last few months of it being just the two of you. I wouldn’t change having my little guy for anything, but definitely spend lots of time just you and Bryan.

  36. jmatthew

    Congrats, My wife and I are also expecting and it will be the biggest thrill ride of your life.


  37. juliloquy

    Yay for you! I never had the pickle thing while pregnant. Mine was more of a donut and bacon guy.
    The big question is: will a baby seat fit in that hot little car of yours?

  38. lena

    ha! i knew it! too damn many references to babyness here and the other place. way too go! yay for you guys!

  39. dina

    Congrats Maggie and Brian! I knew that all that recent talk of babies and baby-related accessories meant that something was going to happen soon :-)

  40. Arin

    Congratulations! It occurs to me that the night I met you and Bryan at a party at Ben and Mena’s was just days after I found out that I was pregnant. I really enjoyed meeting you two, but I must admit that the whole time we talked I was thinking, “I’m having a baby. I’m having a baby. I’m having a baby.” Enjoy the wild, wonderful adventure that awaits you both!

  41. Wendy Mac

    Happy happy, joy joy! I highly recommend the girl version. I have no experience with the boy version, so can offer no advice there. Whatever it is, Bryan, you MUST get Maggie whatever weird food she is craving, no matter the hour.

    For me, it was lemons. Wonderful lemons. 2 am. Mmmm…


  42. Mags

    Having never met you, I’d long ago come to the conclusion that you and your lovely Brian are the sort of whom there should be (many) more.

    Congratulations! I was going to then suggest the Dingo Snack tee as a nice starter to Mighty Baby’s wardrobe, but of course, you were already there. You’re *always* there.

  43. susannah

    WOW. Delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS! Can’t wait to hear about motherhood (and the path to it) from your perspective.

  44. Lisa

    I’m wondering if you got knocked up in Iceland. You know, the magic of that blue lagoon, the sexiness of the resulting hairstyle…
    Anyway, congrats!

  45. Dom

    CONGRATULATIONS! Ooooh, the powerful cuteness will be tough to endure.

    Now I fully expect to see iced pickles on MightyGoods.


  46. melanie

    when i was pregnant, it was jalapenos. on everything. bean and cheese burritos with LOTS of jalapenos!

    congratulations and good luck! my son turns 1 tomorrow — it’s been an awesome first year! welcome to the fold.

  47. Mocha

    I was wondering when this news would be here! Part of me is secretly joyous that you told me IN PERSON. How blissfully sweet for your family.

    If it’s a black child, remember… it’s mine. My redhead will be sent to you in the swap.

    That’s a total deal for you. He’s pottytrained already and can fix a mean PB&J.

  48. jessica

    ahaha– when i first started reading this post, i thought, “maggie mason, no one cares what you ate as a snack!” but then i kept reading.

    as homer simpson would say: congratumalations!

  49. Chase

    Congrats to you both! It was great to meet you this weekend! I can’t believe you made the pregnancy announcement before I could alert Valleywag. Darn!


  50. Elle

    Saw you devouring watermelon via Dooce’s site and while I agree it is so awesome when you’re with bebe (like me – week 24), I just had to share my fave snack with you: Salt and Vinegar chips with a nice big lemonade. Try it, you’ll like it! Congrats on the wee one!

  51. The Scarlet Pervygirl

    Congratulations! In my opinion, which is of course extra reliable because I don’t have any children myself, kids raised by parents who are both witty AND goofy turn out the best. Your offspring is/are already off to a good start.

  52. braine

    Congratulations! We just brung home a second one (four days ago) because the smell technology has come so far in just three years that the old one was obsolete. I doubt they’ll actually IMPROVE on this one, but yours will doubtless have a very pleasing scent. Best of luck!

  53. jon

    So, Are you & Bryan going to have a naming contest here? Or at least give your readers a chance to narrow down the choices?

    Sounds dangerous, yet exciting, no?

  54. Lassa

    It was nice meeting you at BlogHer, I’ve been reading your site for ages. I’m so happy for you and your husband. Having a baby is the best! Enjoy your pregnancy :)

  55. Mary Tsao

    Congratulations! Let me know if you need a small army of mommybloggers to come help you eat ice cream and decorate the nursery. While swearing like sailors. You know… the life of a mom!

  56. Quel

    I’m sure your new baby will smell a whole lot better than my old baby.

    8 year olds smell like 3rd grade.


  57. kerri

    Sorry I missed congratulating! in person this past weekend at BlogHer. You appeared to be one busy (soon-to-be) mother. ; ) Happy! Pregnancy!

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