387 thoughts on “Target Market

  1. Rina

    A friend of mine created a lovely work of art — a poem composed entirely of spam subject lines. It ended, “See you soon, clitoris churchgoer.” *sigh* I wish I had had that idea first!

  2. Mau

    hehehe… And you know that they think that you think that’s not spam… =)

    I pay attention at the “sender’s” name. They come up with such cool names… ‘Garyd Aceveda’, ‘Eustace Vigil’, ‘Herminia Colvin’… I mean, I have a weird name, but these guys… their names are awesome!

  3. Daniel

    My favorites:
    Erasmus Denton
    falkner gene
    Humphrey Hopes
    Mrs Torgerson (My Norwegian Mrs Robinson)
    plenty enemies. (From sending out spam…)
    drag braving
    Inertness I. Torpedoing
    Botulism B. Unleashed
    Philemon Aronowitz
    Inundation K. Straits
    Cerise Pall
    Uranus Putt

  4. paul

    I repeatedly receive spam at work almost every day at 3:00 pm from “Jesse Canonne” regarding “Farm Sluts”; and I know none of my friends are that creative!

  5. Amber

    I once got spammed with posts from my own blog. Some crafty spammer was cutting and pasting to fool the filters. Talk about karma in action.

  6. Natalie

    My most recent favorite: “Bloated Nose-root Square Leaf!” Don’t forget the exclamation point! It’s important!That will surely make me open THAT particular piece of spam…

  7. geeky

    I’ve been getting one in the last few days that has the subject “the possibility as a turnip or as an artichoke”. indeed, the possibility.

  8. Nate

    Fridge poetry or some other sort of collage zaniness is an excellent idea for this.

    My recent (and ironic) favorite:

    From: Tyler Henson

    Title: You don’t know me from Adam. :)! paromphalocelic catbirds :D



    look meet u 1 pm their want dream ….

    Best regards,

  9. Nate

    Yeah, I had to look it up too.

    Poor Catbird. First to find out that, contrary to the rest of your species, you have a navel and then to be immediately told that it’s tumorous.

  10. Quel

    My favorite is:

    Black singles

    what? I’m single, how did they know? But black…I’m not. Why wouldn’t it say “Mexican singles” or “Mexi-white singles” or “Hey, you pathetic single!!?” The world may never know.

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