2,763 thoughts on “Letdown

  1. Ken

    I love your writing; your entries never fail to bring a smile, and am glad you’re making some money at it.

    Now, about your spelling…

  2. Susan

    I think the similie is underused in criticism and in the media in general! Thanks for pimping that brilliant (albeit, patently false) use of the similie.

    I absolutely love the chicks’ new CD…and am listening to it right now.

  3. laurie

    Oh Maggie, this is a good one. Thanks. I’ll totally credit you as I quote it ad nauseum (although I don’t agree with it either, but that’s not the point now is it? ; ) )

  4. rudy

    Forget simile. I prefer the image of Ali cracking Nortons jaw, or better yet, ascending to light the torch at the 84 Olympics. When The Chicks sing “I’m Not Ready To Make Nice” I’m reminded why I so dislike country music and (most of) the people who make it. It’s a triumphant song reminiscent of (to continue the boxing analogy) Rocky Balboa singing to ultimate victory.

    But other than that Maggie, been reading you for some time now (02 Olympics and b-may?) and I am certainly among the dozens. You rock baby.

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