903 thoughts on “This Just in

  1. r@d@r

    whoa, careful there, posting about ‘shrooms inevitably leads to war stories…”i remember the time i got so high i had a conversation with a herd of cows”, etc.

  2. Dave

    “Break Room”. Unless you get your snacks at Midas. In which case let it ride.
    -Dave (still obnoxious, but still reading)

  3. Mrs. Kennedy

    Yes, I can smell the break room at Midas, all the Planter’s Peanut Bars in the machine will taste of 40-weight Quaker State and the Cokes will be too cold to have any flavor.

  4. Daniel

    Man, when I first read this I was going to make some witty comment about the brake room. Just to, you know, point out that I know better. But then I made the conscious decision not to be a dick.

    And now…it’s too late.

    I hesitated, and I lost.

  5. mainja

    finally! someone is reporting on the conspiracy that is lack of diet coke in break rooms (and when they order in lunch at meetings…)

    for me this is the hard hitting news that completes my life.

    plus, until we start talking about it, how can we change it?

  6. Joe

    I meant to leave a comment yesterday but I was way too busy riding unicorns with some Smurfs. Anyone seen my shrooms?

  7. Kater

    I just received a Hydro bill today that had an insert with “marijuana grow ops” in large bold type, and a bunch of text inside including “if you are concerned about the inspection process, you should address complaints to your local government” i.e. I have a grow op in my basement, i would rather hydro not inspect my house. There is a picture of a room filled with lush, healthy plants, and even a brief lesson informing us all that “grow op” is short for “marijuana growing operation”. It’s nice to be so informed.

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