257 thoughts on “My Precious, Precious Hands

  1. Joe

    Fact: Some Orchid species need specific weather conditions for their flowers to open, and will only open for a few hours, pollinate, and will not open again.

  2. sarah

    i am with you. i have been called an orchid for years. i have a window of optimal climate conditions that consists of medium humidity at 73-76 degrees F.

  3. S

    I know exactly what you mean. As a rule I’m always the coldest person in the room and as a South African living in the UK, thats not fun…

  4. Nate

    Did you know that Japanese tea cups don’t have handles intentionally so that you can give your guests a cup to warm their hands with.

    It has to be true. Some lady selling tea cups in Japantown told me so.

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