7 thoughts on “Now This I understand

  1. jrmy

    Damnit, they stole my college band’s one album’s title for that article!

    If that magazine had published that article in 1995, in Western Massachusetts, I would have to seek legal retribution!

    As it is, I’ll just have to dig through my closet to see if I can find a copy of the album…

  2. BigA

    Well my Dutch isn’t great but it’s something like, Men’s Bedroom Wishes – Top ten for mind blowing sex. Then under that something like – Is life nicer/better with (cup). Not sure what the cup would be referring to unless it’s about cup-sizes.

  3. Mocha

    Does their mind-blowing sex start earlier than ours because of the time difference? Because after 9:00 I’m totally spent.

    I’ll take “Mind-Blowing Sex Before 8, please?”

  4. Judy

    I do know dutch but the title isn’t finished :
    might be : Cup G ? I don’t think it refers to the World Cup Soccer.

  5. Ch

    登録されている場合、その場所または書かれている説明に変更が必要であれば、該当の場所まで移動MIND-BLOWING SEX して「サイトを更新」を押してください。その際、どこを変えるべきかの具体的記入をお願いします

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