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  2. Jessie

    Wow, those are cute. My sister just got back from Argentina and claims to have brought me a present. I hope the present is as cool as those shoes!

  3. Tracy

    My husband and I are leaving for Buenos Aires in about 3 weeks – any “must dine at” restaurants? Sweet cafes? Your trip looked glorious.

  4. Michelle

    I LOVE that you bought 4 pairs of black shoes. Why is it guys can’t understand this driving need?

  5. Megan

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mason,

    Enclosed you will find the key to our city. Please visit us again and bring your superb taste and spending habits.

    With gratitude,
    The Buenos Aires Tourism Board

  6. Eun

    Ever since your fashion articles on The Morning News, I’ve been following mightygirl and mightygoods too. I love reading what you post; it always gets a chortle out of me.

    Anyway, to business; short of going to Argentina (which I might just do if that’s what it comes down to), is there any way I can acquire a pair of zipper flats of my own?

    Thanks, and take care,

    Eun Lee

  7. Blythe

    I love the peep-toe flats. People who don’t wear stilettos also deserve to show off their pedicures.
    Note to self: Go to Argentina. Bring empty suitcases.

  8. Anna

    I’m soooo loving those tree pendants and the star rings. Very jealous. You are definitely a premier league shopper!

  9. jes

    Love them. LOVE THEM! Except I’m so anal that I wouldn’t be able to have one zipped and the other unzipped.

    Tell us the brand! We ALL want shoes like those!

  10. Maggie Post author

    The brand is “art school chick who was at the design fair next to the antiques market.” They were $17! She doesn’t sell online.

    In fact, there wasn’t a single person who sold through websites. Apparently, a lot of Argentinians don’t trust the payment systems yet. That’s why I’m listing everything here instead of Mighty Goods.

    As for the cafes, the best restaurants seem to be in the Palermo neighborhood. We LOVED Central. Also, in the Recova district, try Juana M.

  11. amieable

    This is the best haul I have ever seen. A friend and I are going to Argentina on a trip to celebrate turning 30. I would love to have some tips…will you be my friend? I can FRENCH braid if that helps any!

    San Telmo Antique fair? Is it good?

    Thank you for your blog (and for Mighty Goods). I’m an avid reader.

  12. John

    Yet when I wear shoes like that, I get called ‘weird’ or a ‘fairy’.

    God forbid a man ever exhibits a daring sense of style.

  13. Tammy

    I’ll take one of everything. Can I just mail you my credit card and you can do all my shopping for me from now on?

  14. Mama Pajama

    I see dooce has already had this notion but if you’re inclined to start [another] shopping empire, I too would hire you in a second. The tree necklace, the ashtrays, the built-in-scarf sweater. The. Animal. Stickers. Brilliance!

  15. Babs Kameltys

    I NEED those zipper shoes. Since having seen them, I cannot sleep, eat or breathe properly in the same manner without them. Does anybody in the entire USA have them or know how to get them? THere must be a way, there must, there simply MUST!

  16. denise

    Its really a sad shame that “art school chick” doesnt go all webby, by now she’d have to enough to retire. those shoes!!

  17. robyn

    ooh! those are *soooo* cute.

    it’s always the “art school girl with no website” that has the coolest stuff!

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