29th April 2006

Lunch conversation in a restaurant filled with bottles:

– If you’re lucky, I’ll be one of those guys who collects novelty whisky bottles.
– What’s the lucky part of that?
– It would be something we could do together.
(shakes head)
– Um. We’d get to go to bottle shows!
(shakes head)
– Um. I’d spend most of my time in the basement?

1,646 thoughts on “Suerte

  1. CrazyForHer

    Your conversation post are my favorite. Sometimes I wonder who the hell you are talking to. And then I remind myself that I don’t know you so why should it matter. I am assuming this is a conversation with your husband. UNLESS you have a guy who sleeps in your basement. Now that would be something to converse about.

  2. Amber

    Oh, how I long for novelty whisky bottles. The alternative is bagpipes. Seriously. Someone in my household searches craigslist night and day for bagpipes.

    I fear for my future. Rod Stewart might even be preferable.

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