462 thoughts on “Omnipresent

  1. Irish Goddess

    Like me, you probably get it even more than most: my acquaintances thinks it so funny to call me and put their cell phones to the radio whenever “Maggie Mae” is playing.

  2. Bill

    You could hang out with blonde women who are over 22 years of age. That should probably do it.

  3. nat

    In the town where my husband grew up, on the main street, is a huge sign that says “ROD STEWART, DENTIST.” I always imagine going in for a root canal and having that spiky blonde hair and apple-head-doll face peering down at me. ACK!

  4. April

    I hear he’s going to be performing on the “George W. Bush: Let’s Keep This Thing Going!” exit tour. I’ve got my ticket.

  5. ozma

    Your questions startled me because today I saw a memorial poster in a grocery store window for a young girl who died and I was horrified to see that the poster quoted some Rod Stewart song “Forever Young.” God help us when Rod follows you to the grave.

  6. Jack's Raging Mommy

    My home is Rod Stewart free. And American Idol Free. And Kim Stewart Free, except for the story Kevin Smith wrote about Jason Mewes’ heroin addiction which mentiones her very breifly.
    But mostly Stewart Free.

  7. leahpeah

    we went in a store going out of business on wedensday and looked around. rod was playing. i tried to plug my ears. we went back on friday to buy a few of the things we liked. rod was still playing. now i know why they are going out of business.

  8. Patricia

    I swear! And he simply refuses to go away. You wouldn’t believe this…but he came on to me (quite blatantly too) when he was in town the last time. I told ya you wouldn’t believe me :)

  9. Kelsey

    Urgh! Rod Stewart creeps me out. After the apocalypse there will be: Microsoft, Cher, Rod Stewart and Donald Trump’s hair. Studies have shown …

    Also, Maggie, I’m not sure if it’s a joke that I was too thick to get, but all of your links come back here.

  10. MIchaelJ

    In 1979, I spent 2 days in La Paz, Bolivia, laid up in a hotel room, sick with a head cold. My room was just above a corner store that blasted music out into the street for what seemed like 24hrs a day. Three songs played over and over, something by ABBA, something equally annoying by the Bee-Gees and, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, by the Rod. A head cold at 12,000 feet is torture. Rod, Abba and the disco pop kings , for 48 hrs non-stop, that’s got to be an international crime.

  11. 6degrees

    Katie’s right! I can’t think of one person who likes him. (BTW, Katie, nice shots with Janie, and the one with Jeff!!)

  12. Megan

    At the gates of heaven, you’re asked for your music preferences. Just don’t check the box next to “Rod Stewart.”

  13. Alishia

    I want to see a list of all the places you’ve been unable to escape Rod Stewart. Or just a list of all the places you’ve traveled.

  14. Lin

    There is no place in the world where one can escape little Rod. In the late 60s, I swear, I saw him half drunk in a pub in Hampstead, London.

    In 1976, I saw him in this Baked Potato place called One Potato, Two… in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (not too far south of Edinburgh).

    Last year I saw him in Malibu.

    He is seriously TINY.

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