Social Indicators

17th April 2006

This couple is crossing the street on a cold Sunday morning. He’s wearing a baggy sweatshirt, jeans, and a baseball cap. She’s wearing a black halter top, dangling earrings, tight jeans, and high heels.

-Wow. He’s walking her home from last night.
-They had a good night last night.
-That’s why he’s walking her home.
-She’s extra cute. That’s why he’s walking her home.
-He’d like for that to maybe happen again sometime, please.
-Why didn’t he offer her a sweatshirt or something?
-He did. She’s fine. Thanks though.
-Look at how he’s looking at her, he wants to keep her around.
-If he were on his game, he would have dressed up a little so she wouldn’t look so Saturday-night next to him.
-That’s why, when you shrink a sweater in the wash, you should keep it around.
-For the tramps?
-She’s not a tramp. Tramps walk home alone.

1,034 thoughts on “Social Indicators

  1. erin

    ooh yeah… the walk of shame. In my early twenties, when heading out for a hot date, I would always bring an extra shirt and some flip-flops in my bag….just in case I was feeling trampy. ;)

  2. randomkiwi

    You know what else is good ‘possible overnighter’ prep? Those super-tiny toothbrush and paste combo’s you get on planes.
    So i hear.
    Oh, and loving the new look, very swanky. I’m jealous… but in a nice way!

  3. Elizabeth

    Wow– love the new layout– love being able to leave comments cause so so so many times I wanted to leave comments to your posts– but today? I got nothing. Except– love the new site.

  4. Tim

    Comments were closed for the last post, I will put this here.

    YAY! Comments!

    Now I can tell you that I love this site and love mighty goods and that I totally lust after your car.

    The redesign is great, and I hope the ads (which don’t bother me a bit) make you a ton of money.

    Mighty Goods is always the first place I go to find a gift for someone, especially if that someone is a girl, because I can never think of good gifts and you always find the neatest stuff. I have always been a little curious though, do you make any money off of Mighty Goods? I hope you do, and I hope it is substantial, because it has been helpful to me many times.

    You rock.

  5. EricaLucci

    Rina, I totally agree. Everyone should be envying the woman walking home in the same clothes she went out in the night before, because she didn’t go home by herself!

  6. Katie

    I’ve never been much for one-nighters, but she must have been somethin’ pretty special to have him WALK HER HOME afterwards!!

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