Shiny and New

13th April 2006

Look everybody, it’s a new design! I’m so excited, I even pulled from my precious store of exclamation points. I realized a few weeks ago, that I haven’t touched the design since 2001. Apparently, I fear change.

As you can see, the new site has photos, and comments (on occasion), and a recent photo of me in which I’m not wearing the glasses that I sat on in 2002. It also has ads, which I hope will not annoy you, and which will definitely not annoy you if you use an RSS reader. Many thanks to Thor of Rubyred Labs, who spent much more time on the redesign than he should have, because he’s committed that way.

I hope you like it, because I love it. If you don’t like it, I suspect you’ll have the decency to pretend that you do. You’re good to me like that.

210 thoughts on “Shiny and New

  1. candy

    i’ve been checking in on your blog for quite a while now & it’s cool to finally be able to comment how much i enjoy it! i like the new look & don’t mind the ads at all.

  2. Kim

    I really like the design! When I clicked on it I thought I had the wrong site at first! Looks very classy!!!

  3. John

    Can I tell you how shocked I was when I reached your site on my blogroll? I really enjoy your new design, I think it’s fantastic. It feels so comfortable.

    And I’m also glad that we can now comment every so often to tell you how good your site is.

    It’s really good.

  4. Alishia

    Me gusta mucho! Me gusta a leer nuevo postos y me gusta nuevo designos even better. I hereby deem your design timely yet timeless.

  5. Laura Moncur

    I LOVE the retro banner at the top. The colors are perfect!

    I’m such a slug that usually any change in someone’s design is, “Oh no! Don’t do that!” This change however didn’t set off that instinctive alarm. Good job!

  6. nicole

    the favorite posts link is a cool idea, and as has been said many times above, the colors are perfect. victory is yours!

  7. Megan

    what a great surprise! Sassy and chic. I love it. Who cares about the ads, if I click on them a million times do you get more pennies for your piggie bank? Nothing wrong with that. At. All.

  8. r@d@r

    you’ve been on my blogroll since i’ve had one, which is what? six years?? and now i actually get to comment??! i’m never washing this keyboard again… :)

    you are the hallmark of the aphorism “brevity is the soul of wit”. your posts are a veritable blogger’s workshop of how-to and, thereby, how-not-to. excelsior!

  9. Amy

    Congrats Maggie & Thor. Tasty & fresh. Very nice work indeed. And even though I sit a room away for you, I too am glad to get to comment from time to time.


  10. Rina

    I just started visiting a week or so (I followed some link from a while ago) and I think it’s such a beautiful change. Fun and bright and clean. But I guess you don’t need strangers telling you this.

  11. jill

    Yours is the first blog I “knew.” Not knew about, but read regularly. Mighty Girl was introduced to me by a friend and it was so delightful, I thought, predictably, “How delightful.” You’ve got this fabulously inviting style and such a wonderful sense of humor. Not that you don’t know that necessarily, but just wanted you to know that you’re more than simply entertaining. You’re inspiring. Thanks for the constant smiles. And not to be redundant, but it really is a lovely redesign. Congrats!

  12. Tom

    Couldn’t agree more with Lindsay and treppenwitz. I come for the incisive wit, laser beam analysis and almost-prophetic observation of ordinary dialogue. Oh, and the baby toys at the other site. Well done.

  13. Jennifer Beck

    But… but, your links! To Mighty Goods et al! Can you fit them in somewhere in the lovely new look?

  14. dithers

    Apparently your excitement was contagious. One day of “comments on” and you’ve got more exclamation points than you can shake a stick at. So you can’t use the “precious store of” excuse any more. Your patrons have given until it hurts, so gather them up and dole them back out to us, please. I count 56 so far. Anyway, thanks for the site.

  15. Jill

    I had a grey screen before (my computer??) and now it’s white and I like it much much more. It’s jazzy and has got a be bop swing kind of thing to it. doo wah.

  16. 6degrees

    Excellent job? Very Retro- Nouveau? I really like the layout, somewhat similar to your BlurboDooce friends??? BTW, I am refusing to use the exclamations, so I will sub with question marks? Just because I can??? And thanks for opening comments???????? You Rock????????????? Sick of me yet! Oh, shit? Sorry??

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