Overheard: Manipulation on the F-Line

18th November 2003

Scenario: Two high school girls discuss AJ, who is a “friend” to one and love interest to the other.

What your grandma think of AJ?

She don’t like him.

Why not?

She think he’s lazy.

He is lazy.

Yeah he is. Mom likes him, but grandma don’t like him.

He sits around all day. Like, all he do is play video games and watch movies.

That’s it.

He always, like, “I’m so tired!” and I’m like, “Why you so tired? You don’t do anything.”

Yeah, but you with him.

No, I ain’t. It ain’t gonna work.

You say that now, but later…

No. No. I’m serious as a heart attack.

Yeah, he always callin’ me and sayin’ blah blah Natasha this, blah blah. She’s always on me.” I be like, “Why you callin’ me? Why you callin’ Asia to talk about Natasha?”

That’s weak.


He’s weak.

He just gotta make up his mind what he want from you. Quit dragging you.

He gives people mixed emotions. You know?


I’m through ’til I know where I stand.

He’s funny. I told him I thought Matt was cute, and he’s like, “You can’t say no to that, but you’ll say no to this?” (laughs)

What? He’s so weak. He’s always between me and you.

Well you can’t expect him not to call me and stuff. I’ve known him eighteen years.

Yeah, but he tells you everything.

But then you’re here tellin’ me about him too, so…

Yeah, but that’s different.

No it’s not.

I guess it’s not.

He tells me everything, if I ask him to. Why wouldn’t he?

I mean, I wouldn’t ask him. I don’t care.

I guess.

He’s just being honest.

I guess.

Well, it’s up to you.

Me and AJ, nah. It’s not gonna work.