26th February 2001

[editor’s note] Thus ends my tenure as ad hoc Mighty Girl blogger. Mistress has returned, and I am all out of pre-recorded material. So, if there aren’t any new posts over the next few days, don’t blame me, blame jet-lag. In the immortal words of Bartles & Jaymes, “Thank you for your support…”

While I’m away, you should visit Metascene:

“From the Ford Focus press kit:

‘The Ford Focus and Detroit Techno music mirror each other in many ways. Techno kids are forward thinkers that scream and dance and so are Focus buyers.’

So you mean it’s like punk rock, only it’s a car?”

Monkeys taking over government buildings in India

(Thanks Norton)

Angry monkeys stop traffic

Indian monkeys on a rampage against smokers

I am checking these events against those described in the Book of Revelation and will continue to monitor the Art Bell show regularly. Any pertinent information will be passed along as soon as possible.”

“Metascene Predicts: 2001 will be the year that bestiality makes it onto
the Springer show.”

“Hey! I just had an idea! I should write a story told from Bubbles’ point of view where the world’s most famous chimp is all jaded and cynical and can’t stand Michael anymore but where can he go? What can he do? Meanwhile, all the other animals shun him and plot against him for being Michael’s favorite and for having bedroom privledges and for those Jeff Koons sculptures, but mainly because of the whole thumb/big brain thing. And Bubbles is heavily self-medicated and even been to rehab. Twice. And was once badly betrayed by the llama. And drinks mainly to forget the pain of losing his family at a young age. And at night, he cries himself to sleep, no longer hiding his tears from MJ, the bitterest monkey tears to ever stain a satin pillowcase…”