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Jan 15 2013

I Love You, Nerd Valentine: Top 10 Valentines for Geeks

You threw an awkward glance his way because his glasses were cute. He thinks your neck smells like you might be a compatible genetic match. You enjoy Mythbusters, he enjoys Mythbusters. And while Valentine’s Day is ultimately a commercial construct, you’re not above engaging ironically if it means getting laid later.

1. Dr. Who Valentine

2. Space Invader Valentine

3. Pride and Prejudice Valentine

4. Princess Leia Valentine

5. Legend of Zelda Valentine

6. Periodic Table Valentine

7. Eye Chart Valentine

8. Genetic Predisposition Drosophilia Valentine

9. Buckminster Fuller Valentine

10. I Love You With All My Brain Valentine

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10 Responses to “I Love You, Nerd Valentine: Top 10 Valentines for Geeks”

  • Julie Says:

    Couldn’t love these any more. The periodic table one is genius.

  • Amber Says:

    I LOVE that bucky ball valentine. This made my day, Maggie Mason.

  • Adrienne Says:

    Thanks Mighty Girl for featuring our Dr Who and Leia Valentine’s! I hope your readers love them as much as we enjoyed making them!


  • Jessica Says:

    Thank you so much for featuring our Periodic Table card on your blog. We are honored!

  • Ornela Says:

    OMG Dr. Who card is so cute !!!

    Kiss Kiss

  • Akaleistar Says:

    These are too fun!

  • Sarah Says:

    Love all of these but as I only have one Valentine I chose one. Just bought it. Can’t say which, of course. But can you guess?

  • Leslie Says:

    These are so fun!

  • Lydia Says:

    Love these! My sister and her hubby are huge nerds (I referenced Lord of the Rings in my wedding toast and it was a HIT) so I am sending them this…or maybe just him…hmmm.

  • A Day in May Design Says:

    Dr. Who for my fiance and Pride and Prejudice for me = perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love being nerds together :).