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Feb 9 2012

Hey, Sailor: Valentine’s Day Lingerie

He thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid. He thinks it’s a Hallmark holiday perpetuated by gift-shop owners and florists. He thinks if you’re really in love, you’ll naturally celebrate that year round anyway. He… should probably shut up now.

Sheer Luxe Back Seam Pantyhose

Merriweather Bra

Adelia Set

Silence and Noise Mesh Paneled Bodysuit

Thin Strap Sandals

Honeydew Intimates Diamond Mesh Tank

Calvin Klein: Microfiber and Lace Chemise

Clouded Morning Set

Dreamgirl Laced Back Robe and G-String

Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Bra Bodysuit

12 Responses to “Hey, Sailor: Valentine’s Day Lingerie”

  • Helen Jane Says:

    (Fans self)
    Gal, that was hot.
    Chock full of hottery.

  • Susan Says:

    *Sigh* You just described the man in my life. He’s right in that I don’t want a Hallmark card, teddy bears, or shitty chocolate, or red roses.

    I love this post for showing the real reason for the season.

  • Liz @ Bella Vita Says:

    After seeing this over my shoulder, mine thinks we should have Valentine’s Day weekly.

  • GirlsGoneChild Says:

    You forgot the sweat pants I think? The crotchless (because there’s a hole in the crotch) sweat pants?

  • Margit Says:

    You’ve managed to find the world’s most tasteful, titilating lingerie. (Husband just peeks over as I look at this on iPhone, says: “Hello! What’s this then?!”)

  • Molly Chase Says:

    While I approve wholeheartedly of all of these, I admit that I am bewildered by the single butt cheek poking out of the body suit.

  • laura @ in widening circles Says:

    @mollychase, I also adore all these choices but am concerned for that lady in the pink. Where did her nipples go?

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    That intro is priceless.

  • Lizy b Says:

    Oh my gosh!! Love the stockings!

  • The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful Says:

    Oh thin strap sandal you will get me pregnant again at 46!

  • Jami Says:

    Sexy and elegant ways to turn up the sexy factor a few notches. I do wonder where all those nipples went, though…

  • Janey Says:

    Gah. Just saying Valentines Day was Fab for the kids and husband this year. Me? Whatever.

    Though I try to be a caring and ultra giving person some effort to appreciate me would have been nice. Cough, enough said. (And how nice it is to get this out without seeming a bitch to those I love :)