Valentine Gifts for Travelers

You speak four languages and want to visit every country before you die. He uses an analog compass when you go hiking and had to add extra visa pages to his passport. This relationship is going somewhere.

Paper Plane Brooch or Tie Chain, $60
The gift that says, “someday I’ll surprise you with tickets somewhere warm.”

Moleskine Folio Digital Tablet Cover for Apple iPad, $84
He seems so much more erudite when his iPad looks like a notebook. Also, so much less likely to get mugged.

Go Clean Lingerie Bag, $20
You were planning to get her inappropriate underwear for Valentine’s Day anyway. Wrapping it in this increases the odds that she’ll actually put it on. Perhaps in Belize.

ts01 Earphones, $65 (via Rena Tom)
He hates it when strangers try to talk to him on the plane.

Pelle California Handmade Leather Travel Journal, $40
Paper faithfully records your journeys for posterity, and lacks privacy policies that change at the whim of a 27-year-old CEO.

Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask, $20
Use it for sleeping on flights. Or not sleeping in the hotel room.

Transit Issue Travel Candle, $30
Once you’re home, the travel candle just smells like Bali.

Ari Marcopolous Camera Bag, $200
She should probably stop wrapping her DSLR in a hotel towel and shoving it in her purse.

Nineteen13 One-Hand Vacuum Mug, $28 (via Rena Tom)
He laughs in the face of jetlag.

Scratch Personalized World Map Poster, $17
Get one for each of you. See who wins.

6 thoughts on “Valentine Gifts for Travelers

  1. I am fairly certain that it is essential that I have everything on this list. Now to post it somewhere for those who need to know can see it and find out…


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