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Sep 1 2011

School Supplies for Grownups

I have a new post up at Lifescoop, Gear Up: Back to School Shopping for Grownups.

Kindergarteners are cute or whatever, but why should they get all the back-to-school fanfare? Reclaim the September ritual of starting fresh with new supplies for your work. Treating yourself is the best reason to grow up in the first place. Read more…

10 Responses to “School Supplies for Grownups”

  • maureen Says:

    I want that eraser/flash drive! That is fantastic, just fantastic.

  • Green Beauty Girl Says:

    I love that eraser flash drive too. It is so cool. I would definitely be setting a new “fashion trend”!

  • Em Says:

    Here’s instructions for making the flashdrive:

  • Colleen Says:

    Yep, LOVIN’ the Pink Pearl flash drive. Also wondering why it took so long for such a thing to hit the market! (Oh, yeah, it takes both ideas AND money!) Very good thing, regardless.

  • Maggie Mason Says:

    As Em mentioned, the eraser flash drive is a DIY project. That’s why it’s so perfect. You can’t get it without a little sweat.

  • Midnight Cowgirl Says:

    The USB typewriter keyboard is fantastic!

  • Aisha Says:

    My mom LOVES back to school stuff, and always likes to pick up some crayons and a new composition notebook when they show up in the back to school shelves. She then decks them out in her signature supa-awesome way.

  • San Fran Moms Deal Finder Says:

    LOVE the satchel!

  • Joelle Says:

    Carpal tunnel is not a myth. Increasing disability for the last 6 months has put a serious crimp in my style. Like getting laundry up the stairs or cooking my own food.

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