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Jun 27 2011

How do you call your loverboy?

This weekend, I saw the last show of Brett Dennen’s tour. Man, I could do that every Saturday night all summer long.

His tone is unique, kind of a Tom-Petty-meets-Bob-Dylan thing. If you have a chance to see him live, do that. Until then, here are the two excellent reasons to buy his latest album Loverboy:

Here’s a free download of “Surprise, Surprise” off the same album (which you can buy here). I’ve also linked before to “San Francisco,” which is a sentimental favorite.

Hooray for smart people making things that make us happy.

13 Responses to “How do you call your loverboy?”

  • Alyssa Griffith Says:

    I absolutely love Brett! I also thought the show was amazing! Did you see the article from inside bay area about him? We went to the same summer camp as kids and I’m so happy to see him impacting the world!!

  • Shevon Says:

    I like it! His music does sound summery and happy.

  • naptowngirl Says:

    Totally jealous right now. I’ve been listening to him since I was a freshmen in college which will be going on 6 years now. He brings back such good summer memories of driving in my old convertible with the wind blowing in my hair and firefly’s lighting up my rear view mirror :)

  • RK Says:

    I have seen him live – years ago at a show he was opening at and I came late and didn’t hear his name and no one around me seemed to know anything about him. Flashforward to right this moment and I’m listening to the tracks and it’s all coming back that HE WAS THE GUY! Thank you! Love it!

  • avb Says:

    I LOVE this! Just when I was looking for someone new to listen to. Thank you for posting!

  • Melanie Says:

    I just downloaded this album, thanks to you! I already love it. My work day just became way more enjoyable! Thanks, Maggie.

  • Lauren Says:

    I was delighted to see your tweet about Brett’s concert this weekend – I feel the same awkwardginger kinship with this amazing fellow. I love to see him dancing in his bare feet on stage, and always tell my sweetie (also a ginger) to watch out, I might run away with Brett Dennen…. thanks for the reminder to check out the new album!

  • Christy Says:

    (I couldn’t resist)

  • stephanie Says:

    good stuff: http://www.thetrephine.com/2009/11/03/the-stages-of-divorce-collect-em-all/

    oping you are doing well. (my “letter tat comes after G” key doesn’t work. Nor does my (letter tat comes after U” key.)

  • Jen Says:

    I just saw him for the first time about a month ago and the guy next to me said he danced like a Hanna Barbara character (think Fred Flinstone) and I couldn’t help but think that all night! He is a blast to see in concert – can’t wait until he comes my way again!

  • Allie Says:

    Back off. All of you. I’ve tapped him to become the father of my gingered babies. My husband objects, but he’ll need to get over it.

  • Jenna Says:

    Flew me and my four year-old from Saint Louis just for this concert, her first one ever. Caught his Milwaukee show with my best friend. Good shows, great artist.

  • ashlee Says:

    I came out for his Mosaic fundraiser last summer and it was so much fun. It’s coming up again in August – check it out. http://www.mosaicproject.org/brettconcert2011