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Jun 25 2011

One Funny Thing

On the Morning News, Giles Turnbull answered a set of those ridiculous interview questions designed to make you reconsider whether you want to work somewhere:

Define Ratio of People to Cake

In other news, if I ever get a dog, I’m naming him Giles Turnbull.

3 Responses to “One Funny Thing”

  • Steve Says:

    Actually, I use variants of these questions when I interview people all the time. Some of them are quite useful in identifying people good at estimation, logic, interpersonal skills, etc. They tend to get an unfair amount of criticism from people that don’t think about what the purpose is of each question.

    They’re obviously ridiculous question. And for many of them the process of how someone answers the question is way more valuable than the answer itself.

  • cjm Says:

    Love his answers. Laughed out loud–thanks for sharing.

  • Berit Says:

    I couldn’t help reading all of his responses in the voice of Randall, the honey badger narrator.