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Jul 27 2010

Mighty Events: Old School Meetup, NYC

Will you be in New York on Saturday, August 7? Us too. Let’s grab a beer.

Lots of us will be at the The Volstead (125 East 54th St.) from 6 p.m. until we leave.

There will be no sponsors, there will be no schwag, no one will make you drink a sickly sweet purple martini with hunks of dry ice. In fact, you can drink whatever you want, because you’ll be paying for it. That’s why we arranged for happy hour specials. Come raise your glass with us.

Maggie Mason, Laura Mayes, Karen Walrond, Susan Wagner, Holly Burns, Zan McQuade, Chris Jordan, Helen Jane Hearn, Alice Bradley, and Jenny Lawson

17 Responses to “Mighty Events: Old School Meetup, NYC”

  • Natalie Smith Says:

    As a matter of fact I will be in NY and I will grab a beer with you

  • Annie Says:

    Woo! That’s a whole bunch of people whose writing I like in a place where I will be. Exciting!

  • Michel Says:

    oh boy what a dream this would be. AND on my birthday to boot. if I could click my heels…..

  • Jorja White Says:

    whoa…this sounds amazing, is it real? so if a no-name-blogger like me shows up, will anybody drink with me? hell, with this crowd, i’ll drink alone and just listen to you guys chat. really, i would love to come and have a drink with you all. best invitation, hands down.

  • Krissa Says:

    I’m so excited! I am coming for sure.

  • A Vapid Blonde Says:

    I may be hiding in a corner trying to smell your hair.

    Also, I just creeped my self out.

  • Karen Says:

    So all over this. Love it :)

  • Brittany at Mommy Words Says:

    This sounds like fun I will be trying to find a sitter to raise a glass of whatever I choose!

  • Simon Says:

    I’m mighty sorry, but I’ll be mighty far away, and thus, mighty disappointed that I won’t be attending.

    Have lots of good time and funs for you all (as my great grandma would say).

  • Ann's Rants Says:


    (great idea)

  • muskrat Says:

    i might show up. one never knows.

  • Jen L. Says:

    Rock. On. I’ll be a tad later than 6, but I’ll definitely try to make it. Thanks, ladies!

  • amy turn sharp Says:

    oooooo girls! Have a blast! Will you have a drink for me? This giant preggo woman wishes she were there so badly to buy you a summer drink. xo Kiss all the pretty people! xx

  • Briar Says:

    This sounds perfect. Hope it isn’t mobbed. Or too dark. Or too loud.

  • Jenna Says:

    Super excited!!! Welcome to the city!!!

  • Lesley Says:

    I would LOVE to come. I’m a reader of blogs who does not blog herself. But – HEY – the world needs reader/appreciaters, right?

    Welcome to NYC!

  • suzanne @ pretty*swell Says:

    Holy CRAP. This is like my dream date.

    Thank you for throwing a party that doesn’t require an exclusive invitation.

    You guys rock!