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I am very tired.

10th August 2010

I have so much to tell you about my week in New York, once I wake up from my travel coma. For now, there are a few photos up on Facebook.

It was lovely talking to everyone who came out to the meetup, thank you all for braving potential blog-meetup awkwardness in the name of beer.

Let’s talk more after we’ve taken a short nap. I’ll meet you back here in three months.

Room with a View

3rd August 2010

I’ve had New York on my mind for months. They have summer here, and hot dog stands, and the Empire State building right outside the window.

Are you in town this week? Remember to meet us for drinks Saturday at the Volstead.

Mighty Events: Old School Meetup, NYC

27th July 2010

Will you be in New York on Saturday, August 7? Us too. Let’s grab a beer.

Lots of us will be at the The Volstead (125 East 54th St.) from 6 p.m. until we leave.

There will be no sponsors, there will be no schwag, no one will make you drink a sickly sweet purple martini with hunks of dry ice. In fact, you can drink whatever you want, because you’ll be paying for it. That’s why we arranged for happy hour specials. Come raise your glass with us.

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