Mighty Life List
Feb 10 2010

A Woman’s Work is Never Done


Apparently we need jewelry that reminds us to exist now.

5 Responses to “A Woman’s Work is Never Done”

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    If you don’t have this on, you just flicker in and out all day.

    Isn’t it funny how “flicker” spelled correctly looks strange now?

  • Cara Jean Means Says:

    This reminds me of people who put vinyl letters on their kitchen wall that say “Eat”, as if we were all sitting around the kitchen table confused.

  • Adrienne Breaux Says:

    With the yucky weather this week, I’ve certainly been dreaming of a future where the temperature are above freezing. It’s good to be reminded to enjoy when and where you are right now!

  • pligg.com Says:

    A Woman’s Work is Never Done  | Mighty Girl…

    A Woman’s Work is Never Done  | Mighty Girl…

  • Funkidivagirl Says:

    I love this. I have a necklace that says “Fearless”.