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Nov 2 2009

Mighty Closet: Mai Le, Outfit 1


At last, a new Mighty Closet! Did you think the day would ever come?

This is my very fun, multi-tasking friend Mai Le, who blogs about street style over at Fashioni.st. (The Masons have been featured on Fashioni.st a few times over the years, and now it’s Mai’s turn in front of the camera.) In addition to blogging, Mai is an artist who makes excellent plushies, and her interest in the emerging San Francisco street food scene led her to launch banh mai, a Vietnamese sandwich delivery service. She is the best dressed sandwich maker on record.

The Wild Oats denim jumpsuit she’s rocking above was only $5 at the Alameda Flea Market, and this outfit is the kind of thing she’d wear to make and deliver sandwiches.


These are three stacked vintage belts, two leather and one twine. You never know when a jumpsuit might fall down.


Mai’s squared off rings are both from Oakland Museum of California annual White Elephant Sale, which is legendary. Her Mary ring is so Gillmore Girls.


The Rodarte-inspired fishnets are from Etsy, and as you can see, Mai is very serious about her shoes. These are Martin Margiela nail heel booties. I’m not totally sure about the mechanics of walking in them, but the nail is an accurate representation of how I feel about stilettos.


A view from the back gets you a better look at that heel. Here’s a pump from the same season, and the over-knee version.


Mai’s eyeliner is Nars kitty and her lipliner is Nars dragon girl.

Tune in tomorrow for her first-date outfit. Actionwear!

26 Responses to “Mighty Closet: Mai Le, Outfit 1”

  • elsie Says:

    what a wonderful combination of playful irreverance and sophistication, just WOW!!

  • Jessica Says:

    The next time I’m in SF I am so getting a sandwich from her.

  • Sarah Says:

    Wow. Amazing. Those fishnets and those boots would drive me to drink, though.

  • Jasie VanGesen Says:

    Those booties are insane… in a good way.

    Loving it.

  • beyond Says:

    great style. (however, those booties are too intimidating for me personally) did you taste one of her sandwiches?

  • Alison of a Gun Says:

    I’m 27 but right now I feel so old. I think this girl is ridiculously cute but these clothes are..not. I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I don’t want to be a mean internet person. I just want to see if anyone else feels like I do? I didn’t realize I was so out of touch with fashion, is all.

  • Runner Susan Says:

    Wow. She’s got it going on!

  • Rebecca Says:

    The return of Mighty Closet!!!!!! Yaaaay!!!!!

  • Renee Says:

    Those are some crazy boots. It looks like the nail is going right through her foot. I like ’em!

  • Erin Says:

    How does she go to the bathroom in that outfit?

  • robyn Says:

    alison, i’m on your side. i love the eye shadow, and the color of the fishnets, but i’ve never been able to get behind onesies like that. and those shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them.

    that said, i’m convinced that people who dress like Mai are much more “high fashion” in their approach to clothes – they look at it as artistic expression. whereas i look at clothes as a way to keep my freezing frame somewhat warm, which usually involves knee-high socks and four layers of sweaters all at once.

  • Miss B Says:

    Alison — I am also totally with you. I think she’s beyond lovely (and her makeup job is aces) but the clothes and the shoes…not really my thing. However, I am always impressed when people have any kind of strong personal aesthetic like that, even when it is emphatically not something that I find at all aesthetically pleasing. I think it takes a lot of vision and confidence to pull all of that together and really sell it, you know? (I’m also extremely picky about clothes and styles that I like, though, and they are almost never things that are “in”, so I generally tend to think that I must be the odd one when it comes to not really digging certain styles.)

  • Kimberly Says:

    I hear you, Alison. I suppose you can’t run a site like fashionist and be dressed the way I’m dressed at the moment. But then again, I can’t imagine making and delivering sandwiches in a jumpsuit while balancing on nails. So, more power to her.

  • Alison of a Gun Says:

    I pretty much wear a combo of pants/colored shirt/cute accessory and call it a day. I don’t think that’s fashionable, it’s just…what I wear. I wouldn’t be able to pull this off and I think the pictures are gorgeous! If I knew Mai I would definitely want to be her friend.

  • mely Says:

    Yay, another MightyCloset! I swear, this is my favourite fashion blog bar none. How do you know such awesome people?! ;)

    And wow, those shoes! I tremble to look at their sheer awesomeness.

  • SFDC Says:

    Her haircut…my gah. So perfect.

  • Maureen Says:

    Love the outfit – for her. In no way could I carry it off. The stacked belts are great, and I love the nail heels in the pump version – for someone else. But my first thought was “They must kill a hard wood floor!”

  • ambika Says:

    Oh my god, love her. This is the kind of style I see on the street that looks so utterly achievable, but I’m never brave enough to fully rock.

  • Jenn Says:

    Completely perfect hair and makeup! I love her site, too. Mighty closet is the best!

  • GirlsGoneChild Says:

    MAI is my hero. Those shoes? That jumpsuit. The girl can do no wrong. MAI FOR STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT!

  • Erin Says:

    I too would never wear this outfit personally… and that is exactly why I’m so glad you’re featuring it! I’m not going to be inspired by someone who wears the expected, or wears something firmly within my existing aesthetic. This is totally pushing the envelope and I love it! And while I could probably not even stand up in those heels (and she’s doing it on a flight of stairs no less!), I find myself thinking of how I could adapt some of those ideas to my own style/life… never thought of stacking multiple belts before, for example. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks, Mai and Maggie!

  • Simply Yum Says:

    Good grief! I hope that nail in the stiletto doesn’t terminate in a sharp point. Jeepers!
    Those are shoes that don’t take prisoners. Well done lass!

  • aarwenn Says:

    Oh wow, I would wear everything she has on! I love it!! Great walking-around wear. LOVE the shoes and I would totally buy–and wear–a pair like that myself, if they were well-balanced for me.

  • jacqueline c Says:

    She looks so sweet!

    I’m buying that lipliner ASAP.

  • Kelly Says:

    I wanted to see about 45 more outfits of Mai’s at BS. So glad to see them here. She is adorable and kickass and sassy all at the same time. Right on!

  • Courtney Skott Says:

    I have the same jumpsuit because Mai and I bought them at the flea Market together! She wears it well. I wonder what happened to our plan to bedazzle our initials on the backs and go out dancing. Hmmmm….