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May 2 2007

Line 29

When you check out Google Maps and ask for directions between San Francisco and Amsterdam, Line 29 is key.

25 Responses to “Line 29”

  • Heather Says:

    BRILLIANT! I have always thought that the people at google are hilarious. Their April fool’s day joke at gmail was awesome too.

  • jessica Says:

    and if they hadn’t told me that, I would totally be swimming in circles. That, or standing on the eastern seaboard going…whoa, WTF!

  • megan Says:

    That is awesome! No matter how big they get I still (heart) Google.

  • narineh Says:

    omg that’s awesome! i am going to be snort-laughing about this all day.

  • Rachelskirts Says:

    Wow, definitely have new levels of love and respect for Google now…

    (And yes, all of their April Fool’s Jokes are brilliant… http://www.google.com/tisp/notfound.html)

  • slouching mom Says:

    that’s hysterical.

    love those google geeks.

  • Kate Says:

    As a Google employee (and non-geek – I work in marketing, not engineering, and am totally not smart enough to follow the engineer conversations I overhear on the way to lunch!), I’m glad to see people are tickled by the directions. It’s fun working at a company with a good sense of humor.

  • Shiri Says:

    In the immortal (while paraphrased) words of Douglas Adams: don’t forget to take a towel.

  • Juli Says:

    Hysterical. I will be laughing about that for the rest of the day.

  • aimee/greeblemonkey Says:

    that is one of the funniest things floating around the Net right now!

  • Your laugh for the day. « The Short Fat Kid Says:

    […] Your laugh for the day. Mighty Girl has some very important information for those wishing to travel from San Fran to Amsterdam. […]

  • RMC Says:

    I found this fun fact by doing New York to London. Line 24 is the key here. Very fun stuff.

  • Andy Says:

    Do the moon, and then zoom in as far as possible. Just as funny (to me anyway).

  • BOSSY Says:

    That’s Ok – the whole Atlantic Ocean thing – Bossy has a canvas raft and a jug of red wine.

  • bellacantare Says:

    Totally unexpected. I love it.

  • Mrs. Wooden Nickels Says:

    That’s hilarious. I’m surprised that they actually say to do that instead of ‘hey take an airplane!’

  • bug Says:

    My favorite part is the slight right after you’ve just swam across the ocean. Just a slight one…

  • Ida Says:

    Delurking to say that is awesome. And it says only 31 days. I don’t know that I could swim that far in a month.

  • Alexandrialeigh Says:

    Personally, I like line 61. Who is this Mr. Visserplein? He sounds interesting, and my sister is single!

  • magpie Says:

    Fabulous. I’ll do that.

  • Leah Says:

    I noticed that when I recently Googled directions between SF and England. Too cool.

  • stef Says:

    that is so awesome!

    got a laugh out of me on a boring thursday afternoon!

  • Kirsten Says:

    Its delightful that the return trip from Amsterdam also involves a swim across the Atlantic.

    However, I’m sad to say that if you look for directions from SF over the Pacific to, say, Hawaii, the directions cannot be calculated by googlemaps.

  • Mainline Mom Says:

    thank you SO much for pointing this out…I will laugh myself to sleep now.