Mighty Life List
Jan 31 2006


The fantastic DIY magazine ReadyMade just launched a blog, and I’ll be posting there every Tuesday. In other news, Bryan sent in a description of our engagement for the February edition of the magazine. We’re under the subtitle “The Pyromaniacs.” Go see.

Jan 30 2006

Four Things (For Heather)

As you may know, I rarely do this stuff. For some reason, it makes me feel cagey. But Heather so rarely asks for anything. When she does, you kind of have to do what she says. So, this is for you, sweets.

Four jobs I’ve had:

Bead store clerk

Silkscreen shop owner

Dance instructor

Volunteer coordinator, Kerry Campaign, DNC

Four Movies I can watch over and over:


Godfather II


Say Anything

Four Places I’ve Lived:

California my whole life, except for a month each in:

Costa Rica



Four TV shows I love:

Veronica Mars

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

Myth Busters

Four places I’ve vacationed:



The Phillipines


Four of my favorite dishes:


Lemon blueberry pancakes

Fried potatoes with bacon and wilted spinach

Creme Brulee

Four sites I visit daily:

Defective Yeti




Four places I would rather be right now:

On the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

In a dark room with a Christmas tree that has white, blinking lights.

Tucking in to breakfast at Zazie.


Four bloggers I’m tagging/slightly alienating:

Bryan who has to love me by law.

Sarah deserves a healthy prompting.

Andrea who is good at introspection.

Lori who is always game.

Jan 26 2006

Ideas, be Free!

Products I want, but can’t find.

Evany had an idea for a bracelet that looks like an ID bracelet, but has a window where the inscription would ordinarily be. The window would be perfectly sized to fit a cookie fortune, and you’d just slide in your favorite one.

– Old-school bunny slippers that are cute, but Martha Stewart cute, not Precious Moments cute. Like these, only with eyes and a nose, and in a size that fits real people.

-A large jewelry box that has a modernist, sleek exterior, maybe it’s even lacquered on the outside, but when you open it, a little ballerina pops up and begins rotating to a music box rendition of “Son of a Preacher Man.” Also, it is lined in quilted pink silk.

Jan 23 2006

San Francisco

-Open containers aren’t a big deal, smoking pot isn’t really a problem, no one gets upset about prostituion. Is anything actually illegal here?



Jan 19 2006

Good Idea

Salvor Kiosk is a store that’s entirely stocked by the merchants travels. Right now, everything in the store is from Japan, but from the end of February to the end of May, it will contain only objects from Sweden.

Their about page says, We opened Salvor Kiosk to offer an antidote to over-design. We consider the objects we stock to be humble, straight forward and beautiful for their simplicity and directness. Often they are traditional goods that have been developed over generations or anonymous design found in general stores, DIYs and kiosks: products designed not around one personality but the result of local aesthetics and needs. Their beauty is sometimes hard to see in today’s over-saturated / over-hyped market; our motivation to start Salvor Kiosk was to shed some light on their quiet perfection.

Neat, huh? I thought so too.

Jan 17 2006

Bad Girls Taxonomy

Bad Girls by Subcategory
Originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

Biker Babes, Teen Sluts, Hookers, Ball Breakers, Bad Seeds…

Jan 17 2006

Donuts Aren’t the Same Here

Lessons learned on Impromptu Los Angeles Roadtrip, 2006:

– You’re not as cute in L.A.

– Some people buy matching white sweat suits, with their names in bedazzled scroll script down the sleeves, and wear them to brunch.

– Once seated at a restaurant, everyone should overtly check surrounding tables for possible celebrities.

– Possible celebrities include people like Mickey Rooney’s son.

– Once you see Mickey Rooney’s son, you are required to mention having seen him in approximately 50 percent of your conversations from that moment forward.

I also learned that you should not eat the questionably cooked eggs before a seven-hour road trip in a two-seater, 1974 Volkswagon. Seriously, that’s one to grow on.