Good Idea

19th January 2006

Salvor Kiosk is a store that’s entirely stocked by the merchants travels. Right now, everything in the store is from Japan, but from the end of February to the end of May, it will contain only objects from Sweden.

Their about page says, We opened Salvor Kiosk to offer an antidote to over-design. We consider the objects we stock to be humble, straight forward and beautiful for their simplicity and directness. Often they are traditional goods that have been developed over generations or anonymous design found in general stores, DIYs and kiosks: products designed not around one personality but the result of local aesthetics and needs. Their beauty is sometimes hard to see in today’s over-saturated / over-hyped market; our motivation to start Salvor Kiosk was to shed some light on their quiet perfection.

Neat, huh? I thought so too.