Mighty Life List
Aug 31 2005

Go Team, Go

Holy crap! Business Week has nominated Mighty Goods in the Shopping category of its Best of Web. As if that isn’t enough of a score, eBay and Amazon are among the other nominees. Ulp.

As you might have guessed, the Goliaths are kicking ass, but I think that’s mostly because they have staffs in the hundreds, all of whom change out of pajamas and wash the Cheet-o powder from their faces before they go to work.

However only 500 people have voted, and I think there may be close to 502 of you, possibly even 503. So please help me take ’em, dear readers. You can do that by going to Business Week, looking for the “Play” header, clicking on shopping and voting for Mighty Goods. Easy as pie.

Thanks for your help. You guys rock.

Aug 31 2005

Thanks, Internet

Three pleasant things on Flickr:

Aug 30 2005

If He Comes Home With a Wizzard HAt, I’m Out

Bryan: So, you’re never going to read the new Harry Potter book, right?

Me: No.

Bryan: So I can tell you about it?

Me: Mmmm. Is this the part where you try to get me to discuss Harry Potter?

Bryan: Yes.

Me: Please don’t make me discuss Harry Potter with you. Please?

Bryan: Aw, come on.

Me: Seriously, baby. It’s the anti-aphrodisiac.

Bryan: It’s just a really interesting book.

Me: Remember how I don’t want to talk about this?

Bryan: She seems to be writing for her audience as it grows up. There are these really amazing scenes where

Maggie: No! Not sexy! I know you’d like to have sex again one day, and I love you so. Please don’t make me talk about this.

Bryan: OK. (Hangs head.)

Me: Oh, I’m a bitch. (sigh) Tell me all about Harry Potter.

Bryan: OK! So Harry find this book of spells

Aug 25 2005


Kayla is demonstrating a point by playing air drums at the table. She�s rocking out, twirling imaginary sticks, tossing them in the air. After a few confidence-building throws, she takes things up a notch, rocketing a single imaginary drumstick way up into the rafters.

Our eyes follow it up, and up, and up. The imaginary drumstick is so high that Kayla leans back in her chair to catch it, stretches one arm far into the space behind her, and scowls in concentration. Her husband, alarmed at the ill-advised tilt of her chair, nudges Kayla forward to the safety of the table’s edge. Her face falls; her arm goes limp. Damn! she says, I just missed it.

Aug 23 2005


The Brooklyn tea shop is playing an eclectic mix of 80s music. We’ve been there working for an hour or so when Fame! comes on, and the cashier turns it up.


Bryan: Do you know who sings this?

Me: No.

Bryan: Maggie! She asked you to do one thing.

Aug 23 2005

Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Said Ros-Ar-Y?

A young nun was recently reprimanded for dancing indecorously with a missionary during Catholic World Youth Day. According to the article, a local newspaper “showed pictures of a dancing Johanne Vertommen being held up in the air by the missionary, and then clinging to him with her legs wrapped around his body.”

Refreshing, no? I think we can safely call this progress.

Aug 22 2005

One Less Reason to Hate Them

The French have vending machines full of books.

(Thanks, Kayla.)